In the Lower School,English as an Additional Language Programme (EAL), is designed for IBPYP students who need additional support in order to more easily access the curriculum and to enable more meaningful engagement in the classroom setting. In addition to building a sound understanding of English, the programme also provides techniques for vocabulary acquisition and a variety of exercises to consolidate the knowledge of grammar. There are also units devoted to reading and comprehension skills, and the development of pronunciation (phonetics). The EAL specialists work closely with classroom teachers to ensure that their programmes align closely with what their students are learning in the classroom.

The progress of the student is assessed continuously against shared recognised English acquisition criteria and each week teaching is adjusted accordingly to ensure that it provides the maximum benefit for the individual student.

Participation in the EAL programme incurs an additional fee and, if recommended by the school, is compulsory and will remain in place for as long as is required to enable the student to successfully access the mainstream curriculum. Clear entry and exit criteria exist to determine the level of support required.
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