Lower School

All Lower School Clubs start in the week beginning 18th September and finish on Friday, 1st December. All Clubs start at 3.50pm and finish at 4.45pm, unless stated otherwise. If you wish to apply please click on the link for that club. The electronic registration will open on Monday, 11th September at 4pm.

Please click on the activity link to register.

Day Club Instructor Information Year Group Max No of students

EAL Beginners Mr Miles

Play games, have fun and improve your English. This club is aimed at beginners who are new to the school or who started later last school year. Chat to Mr. Miles if you think you might be more advanced but would still like to join.

Years 1-6 12

Paper Craft

Mrs. Demetriou

Learn the art of paper quilling and origami. Quilling is the art of rolling narrow strips of paper into coils or scrolls, and arranging them to form elegant patterns. Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding.

Years 4-6 6-8

Maths Club

Mrs. Brooks

a=1, b=2... (3, 15, 13, 5,) (1, 14, 4) (8, 1, 22, 5) (6, 21, 14) (23, 9, 20, 8) (13, 1, 20, 8, 19)!

Years 3-6 15

Ballroom Dancing

Dream of Dance School

This is a external club run by a qualified dance instructor from 'Dream of Dance School.' The cost for this club is ten pounds per session. The children will then have an opportunity to enter an examination with The Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing. This club is open to students in year 3-6 and will run after school on a Tuesday.

Years 2-6 8
£60 Fee Required
Showstoppers Musical TheatreMs. Macmull

Drama, dance and singing will all be covered in this Musical Theatre class. Learn songs and scenes from musicals, play drama games and build on your technique and skills. There will be a presentation for parents, friends and family in the final week.

Years 3-620
£60 Fee Required.

Cartoon Drawing Club

Mrs. Weber

Enjoy learning, improving and practicing cartoon drawing skills. An opportunity for all abilities to learn how to draw your favourite cartoon characters and more!

Years 2-6 14
Italian Club

Ms. Dunaway

Are you a native Italian speaker? Do you speak fluently, but find your writing skills are a bit rusty? Would you like to sing songs, listen to stories and watch films in Italian?This is the club for you. Impariamo divertendoci!

Years 2-5by interview, contact Ms. Dunaway directly

Sewing Club

Ms. Pitts

Learn to sew or extend your skills and try making different items using binca and felt!

Years 3-6


Radio Club

Ms. Hendry & Ms. Larragy

Have you always been curious about the Dwight Radio station? Do you like reading and telling stories? This club is an opportunity for all abilities to learn how to record short stories on the radio, create your own sound effects and more!

Years 3-6
Chess ClubMr. van den Bosch

Spanish opening, sicilian defense, dutch trickery and many more skills you need in order to beat your parents playing chess!

Years 3-616
Origami ClubUpper School Students

This club is being run by some of our D1 stiudents from Upper School. They will be exploring how to make many weird and wonderful things from paper!!!

Years 3-620

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