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With the preparation Dwight has given them, our alumni achieve great successes in their university life and future careers. We stay connected to our graduates, hear about their achievements after school and are always delighted when they come back to visit us!

Find out how Dwight and the IB has helped our alumni succeed in their further education:

Quotes from our Alumni

“The IB is a holistic programme - it produces not only academically capable students, but people who really care about the world and want to make a difference”

“Throughout my time at Dwight I have always felt supported by my peers and by my teachers, academically and pastorally”

“The close knit community and the personal approach to academics, as well as all the opportunities I was exposed to, really equipped me to flourish in my adult academic life”

“The teachers encouraged me to reach my potential, helped me discover new talents and passions, and inspired me to be where I am today”

“Both Dwight and the IB have helped prepare me for the independent learning required at university, taking initiative and responsibility during independent and group projects”

“Dwight has prepared me to never give up if there are obstacles present, and always find solutions to any problems that arise”

“Attention is paid to individual needs, which really improved my learning experience as I felt like all my needs were met”

“Dwight’s small community and friendly, welcoming atmosphere made every day enjoyable”

Are you a Dwight alumnus? Join the Dwight Alumni Network!

Our aim is to foster lifelong relationships between Dwight and its past students and staff. We wish to celebrate the achievements of our alumni, support them to develop even further and enable them to stay connected within the Dwight community.

Through the programme, the Dwight alumni will be able to:

  • Catch up with old friends and teachers at reunions
  • Find out what old classmates are doing now
  • Expand their career network
  • Re-visit the school to reminisce and see what has changed
  • Inspire our current students by talking about their chosen degree, career and passions

If you would like to join the network and take advantage of these opportunities click here.

For more information about the Dwight London Alumni Network, contact Silvia Harriman 

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