Spark Fund

The Spark Fund comes to life in September 2023, and through all of its forms there is a consistent theme: the students. The students are central to all that we do at Dwight and the Spark Fund will allow students to further grow as part of Dwight School London. In a nutshell, the Spark Fund is a ring-fenced amount of funds that are dedicated towards improving, advancing and securing the following key elements of Dwight School London:

Bursaries and Scholarships

The Spark Fund will enable us to offer a greater breadth of opportunities to current and potential Dwight School students. This will be achieved through additional financial aid, and more bursaries and scholarships.

Spark Tank

Through the Spark Fund, our students will benefit from the resourcing for their ingenuous ideas, inventions and innovations. The fund will be used to support student ideas from the idea stage to the product stage, and beyond!

Innovation & Sustainability

The Spark Fund will be used to ensure that we benefit from facility enhancements and campus upgrades that allow the IB to thrive for our students, while being cognisant of the environment, and our aims, mission and vision.


We will be asking all new families to continue to pay the £2100 fee upon enrolment and this will now be termed 'Spark Fund fee' as opposed to a Capital Development charge. For existing families we will be asking for an optional £50 amount to be added to the Spark Fund each year. This is a whole community initiative and, as such, we will be asking our staff, our alumni and local/global businesses to contribute if they wish.


Ways to donate

All Autumn Term invoices will carry an optional £50 item that will help to launch and build our Spark Fund. The reason for £50 is that it marries nicely with our 50th year anniversary of being a centre for educational excellence in London. Should you not wish to add the £50 then simply deduct this amount and pay the invoice accordingly. This is a community-wide initiative aimed at really adding value to the aforementioned areas of the school, and staff, alumni and local/international businesses will also be approached about donating a small amount. New families to Dwight will continue to pay the Capital Development Fee, but this will be known as the Spark Fund going forward.

Annual Report

At the end of the school year an annual Spark Fund report will be produced that will clearly outline to which areas of the school our Spark Funds have been allocated, and highlight the success stories as a result of the funding. This report will also outline how much was generated from the Spark Fund and which areas of
the community the funding came from. We will also take the time to thank and recognise any significant donations and these will be featured in the publication, which will be shared with all in the community.

Key donation recognition

There are other ways to donate aside from the optional charge on the invoice, and donations are welcomed
at any stage of the calendar year. Donations of more than £2000 will be recognised in the annual report,
unless there is a wish to remain anonymous.


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