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Lucy Allen

Teacher of Individuals and Societies

Rachel Allman

Marketing Officer

Hussein Al-Obaidi

Laboratory Technician

Rajastri Athavale

Lunchtime Assistant

Andy Atkinson

Upper School Principal, Geography Teacher

Anna Maria Becci

Classroom Assistant

Maria Bell

PA to the Head of School

Alexandra Bettelheim

Year 4 Teacher, French and Spanish Teacher

Yukiko Bonnefoy

Technology Support Specialist

Joanna Boughton

Teacher of Art

William Bowry

Head of Language and Literature, Teacher of English

Margaret Boyle

Teacher of English B, Extended Essay Coordinator, Co-Librarian

Jenna Brooks

Year 3 Teacher, IBPYP Coordinator

Nick Brown

Teacher of Design Technology, IT Strategy Manager, SIMS Manager

Irina Bursuc

Special Educational Needs Assistant, Teacher of Mathematics and Department Administrator

Nicholas Carpenter

Subject Leader and Teacher of Science and Biology

Phillip Clare

Teacher of PHE

Amy-Louise Clemens

PE Apprentice

Alison Cobbin

Head of School, ToK Teacher

Stephanie Cook

Classroom Assistant

Rebecca Curtis-S

Admissions Assistant

Domenico Damis

Lower School Site Manager

Lucineh Danielian

Teacher of English B, EAL Coordinator

Anne-Sophie Danvers

Teacher of French

Pilar Delgado

Teacher of Spanish

Elena Demetriou

Teacher of EAL

Thierry Deneux

Music Classroom Assistant

Tony Dickenson

Teacher of English

Rachel Diment

Learning Support, Teacher of EAL

Jacob Done

Class of 2016
Drama Technician

Anita Dubey

Classroom Assistant

Nicole Dunaway-S

Year 6 Teacher, Maths Coordinator

Paula Emery

Teacher of Science and Biology

Dan Farrant

Teacher of Drums

Deborah Fawbert

Classroom Assistant

Erick Flores

Teacher of Music, Music Theory, Composition, Piano Music Peripatetic

Elizabeth Flores Martinez

Teacher of Piano

Carol Francis

Credit Controller, Finance Officer

Deirdre Guerin

Office Administrator

Silvia Harriman

Events and Business Development