Staff Directory


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Lee McCulloch-James

Magallona McCullough

Lower School Office Manager

Richard Miles

EAL Teacher

Anne Murnaghan

Teacher of History, Subject Leader for Individuals and Societies

Ellin Murphy

Susanna Nagata

Classroom Assistant

Dhondup Namgyal

Teacher of Science and Physics, Online Learing Site Based Coordinator

Julie Nicholls

Classroom Assistant

Diana Nogueira-Lima

Teacher of Portuguese

Stanley Nyanhi

Director of IT

Louise Olver

Classroom Assistant

Matthew Parkin

Lower School Principal

Michelle Payne

Pastoral Tutor, Technician

Claire Pitts

Year 6 Teacher, Literacy Coordinator

Lynn Power

Learning Support Assistant, Office Support, Library Support

Tejinder Rajput

Teacher of Individuals and Societies, Teacher of Psychology, CAS Coordinator

Christopher Ray

Teacher of Music, Guitar Music Peripatetic

Waseem Rehman

Year 1 Teacher

Jordana Rodgers

Classroom Assistant

Jacqueline Rogers

Educational Needs Teacher

Barry Rosendale

Site Manager

Joanna Ross

Teacher of Visual Art

Martyn Rule

EAL Teaching Assistant

Javier Sanchez

Subject Leader for Language Acquisition, Teacher of Spanish

Christa Savvides

Learning Support

Amita Sen

Upper School Head of Personalised Learning and SENCO

Stefania Sidoli

Aida Sincheva

Teacher of Mathematics, Work Experience Coordinator

Amanda Smith

Learning Support

Brian Smith

Bus Driver

Stephen Spoore

Paul Streatfield

Site Manager

Karen Strickland

Marketing and Communications Manager

Tonje Tainsh

Classroom Assistant

Juliana Teggi Lopez Caldeira

Rebecca Thomas

Teacher of Voice

Sara Tomlin

Reception Teacher

Andrew Torino

Bus Driver

Linda Trautman

ToK Coordinator

Elena Tsioupra

Director of Student Support