Learning Support

As an inclusive IB World School, Dwight accepts students with a wide range of abilities, subject to space, class balance, and on the understanding that students may be required to participate in the Quest Programme for the provision of additional learning support. Through Quest students receive one-to-one tuition from trained staff in skills such as reading, maths, writing and organisation.

The aim of the Quest Programme is to teach students with different learning styles or difficulties to function successfully and independently in an academically challenging, IB mainstream setting.

The Quest Programme, with its specialists, is an integral part of the school community and is a resource for all teachers and parents.

Participation in the Quest Programme incurs an additional fee and, if recommended by the school, is compulsory and will remain in place for as long as is required to enable the student to successfully access the IB programmes. Clear entry and exit criteria exist to determine the level of support required.