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Learning Support

Dwight London’s Quest Programme, which has been in existence for 40 years, evolved from Oxford University’s tutorial mentorship model. Today, Quest combines research-based special education pedagogy with the creativity of design thinking to provide students with strength-based and innovative one-on-one or small group academic support and organisational training. 

While the programme is designed to help students with learning differences succeed in the rigorous Dwight curriculum, the integration of Quest support services benefits all types of learners in the school. The goal of Quest is to provide the structure and expertise of trained educators to maximise every student’s academic potential.

Why Quest?

Quest is far more than academic support. The programme combines convenience and reliability of on-site support with the efficiency of a teacher well-versed in the Dwight culture, curriculum and programme expectations. Quest supports students throughout the school to meet with success and to achieve great things at Dwight. The aim of the Quest Programme is to teach students with different learning styles or difficulties to function successfully and independently in an academically challenging, IB mainstream setting.