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Dwight Scientists

It has come to my attention that not all children are reporting back the fabulous work they are doing as Dwight Scientists. Therefore I have started this monthly blog to share what we are doing, show how you can support your children at home and to give you an opportunity to share ideas.

The tasks of a Dwight Scientist include coming to meetings, presenting information during assemblies, making sure the display board is up-to-date and assisting and supporting the teachers in class. At Dwight every class has two Science based units but children are not always aware they are learning scientific skills and gaining science content knowledge. Therefore to raise the profile of Science in our school and to give children with a passion for Science a platform to share it, we have set up the Dwight Scientists.

The Dwight Scientists are meeting each Thursday, on a weekly basis, during lunch between 1.05 – and 1.30pm and consists of 8 children;

Year 6: Shira and Josh
Year 5: Ayane and Angad T.
Year 4: Noy and Eliza
Year 3: Haruki and Ahro

After a great brainstorming session at the start of this year the Dwight Scientists decided to start with a rethink your drink display board. We analysed sugar content in several popular sugary drinks, weighed the actual sugar and displayed it on the display board opposite the art room to make all children aware how unhealthy a lot of these drinks are. This is linked to our transdisciplinary skill healthy lifestyle. Shira and Angad presented it during the assembly and explained what we did. The children were very interested in this topic and asked some great questions which showed their curiosity, for example why sugar is bad for you, are natural sugars healthy and what does sugar do (scientifically) to your body? The last two Thursdays the Dwight Scientists have looked at videos, found information on the Internet and in books to answer questions they came up with related to sugar. They all worked on a Google document where they share their written information. Angad and Eliza are now creating a slideshow and we will choose later who wants to present. I will be there during presentations to support and assist. It would be great to look at the Google doc together with your child to make sure they fully understand what they have written.

Another task of the Dwight Scientists is to support teachers during their science lessons taking place in the science based units. In Year 4 at the moment our unit is about materials. We are learning about solids, liquids and gases and Noy and Eliza are preparing an experiment to explain how the water cycle works. They will collect all materials, write a script and conduct the experiment in front of their peers. Also a special note to Angad Thethi who gave a presentation on genes during our "jeans for genes day" assembly which was very impressive.

Being a Dwight Scientist will give children the opportunity to explore topics, assist and support teachers, develop presentation skills, increase their scientific knowledge, hopefully this will lead to taking action and above all share their passion for science (which they have in abundance).

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Kind Regards,

Mr. van den Bosch

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