Dwight Scientists

The Dwight Scientists club was created to raise the profile of Science in our school and to give children with a passion for Science a platform to share it. Being a Dwight Scientist will give children the opportunity to explore topics, assist and support teachers, develop presentation skills and increase their scientific knowledge. This will lead to our students taking action and sharing their passion for science (which they have in abundance).

One of the projects the club has collaborated on is called ‘rethink your drink’. The Dwight Scientists analysed the sugar content in several popular sugary drinks, weighed the actual sugar and displayed it on a prominent display board to make all children aware how unhealthy a lot of these drinks are. This is linked to our trans-disciplinary skills about healthy lifestyles. 

If you have any further questions please contact our Dwight Scientists club leader, Juliana Lopes jlopes@dwightlondon.org