Dwight is an international community, with students and faculty representing over 40 nationalities. Our classrooms, hallways, and student lounges are filled with the sounds of lively conversations in many languages.

Mother-tongue is a child's first or native language and has an important part to play in the development of language skills. At Dwight School London we celebrate a wonderfully diverse range of mother tongue languages spoken in our community. We aim to work in partnership with parents to maintain and develop mother-tongue language and literacy skills for all students.

Our mother-tongue support includes:

  • Mother-tongue classes within the curriculum in the Middle Years and Diploma Programmes. We offer Japanese, Turkish, Spanish  and Mandarin Language and Literature courses, and other languages at the request of families. Mother-tongue classes in the Primary Years Programme are available at the request of families and subject to the availability of a suitable teacher. Mother-tongue classes of less than 4 students may incur an additional fee.
  • Mother-tongue clubs within the extra-curricular and activities programmes 
  • Providing parents with information regarding mother-tongue programmes available in the local community
  • Recognising and celebrating the various mother-tongue languages within the school
  • Mother-tongue resources in the library