Remote learning

We are very proud of the way our staff, students and their families have responded to the current circumstances. Our staff have put in place a first-class home learning strategy, to which students have adapted with enthusiasm and engagement, with the active support of their parents.

Here's what some of our parents have said:

A quote from one of our students:

A quote from one of our recent starters during the most recent lockdown:


As we start week two we just wanted to say a huge huge thank you for making X's first week at Dwight so wonderful. Everyone has been commiserating with him about moving schools at such a difficult time but it has been the best possible moment. I cannot begin to describe how different this online learning experience has been from that of last spring/summer. He has also been made to feel so welcome and has been socialising online with some of his classmates after school. He is really looking forward to his singing lesson at the end of the day today and although he can’t wait until he’s able to come into school properly, he’s really embracing the opportunities this move has given him.
Do let us know if there is anything we should be aware of from your perspective. He’s wanting to be very grown up and keeping us away from the learning so we aren’t hovering just off screen but actually able to get on with work ourselves, which is also a gift!
Many many thanks for the incredible ways you have adapted to online teaching as if it’s the most natural thing in the world!
Best wishes



Well before the school closure, our diligent teachers started preparing their remote learning plans and our students were fully briefed on the remote learning procedures. Dwight students of all ages are accustomed to working with electronic devices and educational teaching platforms. These factors gave our students a speedy and seamless transition to the new ways of learning and our IT support team has been working 24/7 to help any students or parents with challenges they encounter with their devices or internet connectivity.


We have continued with a structured timetable for all our students, to maintain a consistent routine. Their classes are a combination of video lessons (using Google Meet) and activities/projects (using Google Classroom). Through these platforms, students are able to share presentations and verbally contribute to lessons, making the sessions engaging and collaborative.

Reflecting our personalised learning approach, Dwight School’s teachers are providing ongoing feedback on the students’ work and additional support should they need it. Our EAL and SEN teams are continuing to provide invaluable individual support to students with virtual meetings. 


Students who may be having difficulty adjusting are able to talk to our school counsellor and our dedicated pastoral team. Our pastoral team has also created a very useful guide about wellbeing during this period of social distancing, giving students advice about coping with the restrictions. 

We are really happy that our tutor time and assemblies are still taking place, virtually, so our students continue to feel connected to their peers and community. Our Music Director is streaming our students’ musical performances every morning, so we can start the day with some uplifting music! Similarly our Art Teacher is curating a virtual art exhibition of pieces that our students are creating from home. 

We recognise that it is important to have time away from the screen too, and are encouraging the students to partake in other activities across each day. In fact, we have sent out a guide to our families, suggesting some  activities for them to enjoy together during their spare time. 


Whilst our focus is on our students’ wellbeing, Dwight School’s ethos is centred around its entire community and building strong relationships between school and home. We therefore want our students’ parents to feel well-informed, reassured and confident that their children are continuing their emotional and educational development at school. As well as our weekly Dwight School Newsletter, we keep parents up-to-date with specific developments that relate to their child. We are actively sharing student work and celebrating their achievements on our social media channels. Parents have been given the opportunity to attend our weekly webinars, hosted by our partner Dwight Global Online School, where they can learn about our remote learning procedures and how best to support their children with this new way of life. 

We are delighted that the first of our regular parent feedback surveys has been very positive:


Further quotes include:

“I am overwhelmingly impressed with the caliber of the teaching, the level of engagement, and the continued commitment to the students' learning.”

“I am hugely impressed by the agility of Dwight in responding to this crisis and thankful for the dedication of staff who are responding so well. We are very lucky to be part of the Dwight community.”

“I love that things like music performances are still happening as well as scheduled lessons. Very impressed overall at the speed with which teachers have moved things online.”

“It really is quite remarkable that Dwight can provide a full time fun education that the boys really enjoy and it is really something rather special in these rather unusual times.”

Through these successful practices, and the support of our community, Dwight School London will continue to provide a world class learning experience for our children, whether in the classroom or remotely.

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