Buenos Aires Arts Trip

Buenos Aires Day 2

After a long journey to Argentina, we were relieved when we finally arrived at the Sheraton Libertador Hotel in Buenos Aires. We were all very tired and after a good night’s sleep we woke up and took the lift down to the 3rd floor for breakfast. The breakfast was truly delicious and fantastic.

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Buenos Aires Day One

So far, the trip has been really fun, even with a delayed start! The technical fault at United Airlines has cost us time, money, and most ridiculously - our clothes! The facial expression of people when they couldn’t find their suitcases after a twelve-hour wait at Heathrow plus a twelve-hour flight to Buenos Aires defied description. Such crazy laughter could never be heard even by the evilest characters in superhero movies… The situation was crazy, but at the same time so comical that the bad mood just magically flew away.

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