Dwight Community Choir

What is it ?

A drop in, no-commitment singing event open to the Dwight community

Instead of a traditional organisational model, this event is structured as an open participation group where anybody with a link to Dwight (parents, staff, family, friends …) is welcome. Students age 16 and above can also join in.

Don’t be shy - there won’t be auditions or ‘wrong’ notes - enthusiasm, team spirit and a love of music is all that’s needed!

"You've heard about how people these days have everything they want from their computers but nobody's happy? Well, when people come to choir, they're having this experience that they could never ever, ever get on their phone or their laptop. You can download many things in this world but it would be very hard to download the experience you get by interacting and singing a beautiful song." (Daveed Goldman)

Any pop (folk, gospel, jazz…) song is fair!

Raise your voice in civic pride, and learn and perform material a cut above standard glee club fare!


When & where?
Next term's dates will be announced shortly. The choir meets in Jubilee Hall, Dwight School London. N11 3LX


Becky Thomas (London Community Gospel Choir), Jan Kraft (Dwight London) & special guests