IB Diploma Programme

Welcome to the Diploma Programme at Dwight School London. The Diploma Programme is designed to meet the educational requirements of students normally aged between 16 and 18 years. The IB Diploma Programme at Dwight School London aims to develop critical and compassionate thinkers who, as learners in the 21st century, are prepared for success at university and life beyond. In order to facilitate life long learning a challenging and balanced two-year curriculum is offered.

Successful completion of the IB Diploma has proved to be a valuable asset when applying to universities in the UK and worldwide. The critical thinking required for the Diploma Course gives students a significant advantage at university. As an alternative to the full Diploma Programme some students may enrol in individual Diploma courses for the purpose of acquiring IB Diploma Certificates. Both the IB Diploma and certificates are recognised as entry qualifications into university with leading universities specifically welcoming applications from IB Diploma students.

Our school is able to offer a Foundation Year to overseas students whose command of the English language is not sufficient to enable them to start the full IB Diploma course immediately, with the option of gaining specialist English language support. Also depending on the point of entry into Dwight School London it may be more appropriate to join the Diploma Foundation rather than to complete the final year of the MYP.

The international aspect of the IB Diploma offers interesting opportunities for our students. They can participate in the Model United Nations Conference held each year in The Hague, the Nepal Deforestation Project and the overseas Theatre, Arts and History trips, all providing an excellent setting in which to meet and work with students from schools around the world.