IB Results

Dwight School London is incredibly proud of the IB Diploma pass rate (96%) and average score (35.3) which both exceeded the worldwide averages. Dwight, which is now in its 38th year of operating in London, has also seen 6 students achieve a bilingual diploma illustrating how our community values global citizenship and international-mindedness.

Alison Cobbin, Head of School, said:

"Against the context of a uniquely challenging year, our class of 2020 has been able to take advantage of being part of one of the UK's leading IB schools to achieve some incredible results. We are proud of their achievements and wish them the very best in their next steps. However, the results aren't the end of their journey: they continue to receive our support and we will ensure they have the smoothest possible transition to university life whether that's in the UK or abroad".

Results in full:

  • 96% pass rate (world average 79%)
  • 6 bilingual diplomas
  • The top individual score was 41
  • The average point score was 35.3 (world average 29.9)

As a non-selective school, Dwight School London is proud of its IB Diploma results:


Dwight School London IB Statistics

Year Dwight Average Dwight Highest World Average Dwight Pass Rate Bilingual Diplomas
2020 35.3 41 29.9 96% 6
2019 33.4 44 29.62 90% 7
2018 30.1 35 29.78 83% 2
2017 35.7 44 29.9 86% 3