Library Information

Opening Hours

The library is open Monday - Friday from 8.15am until 5:00pm.

It is available for class use, individual student use and that of self-taught students during free periods.


Andrea Marquez
Librarian / Teacher of Spanish
0208 920 0605

Behavior Guidelines
Students will conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times while in the library. Please refer to the Dwight School London Citizenship Agreement signed previously.

Be quiet at all times. People are trying to work in the library. If you must discuss something pertaining to your work, whisper.

Take your diary to the library at all times and leave it on the librarian‘s desk.

You may use the computers and access the Internet for project work, word processing and general study.

Rules for the Use of the Internet in the Library
Wired and Wireless Internet is available for use in the library on personal computers and mobile devices. It is only to be used for educational purposes! The playing of games is not allowed.

Any misuse of the Internet will be reported to the Form Tutor.

Homework Club
Homework Club takes place in the library every Monday to Thursday from 3.45-4.45pm. This after school club offers a supervised environment where students can get a head start on their homework and make use of the Library resources.

The collection of Dwight School London Library has been developed to enrich and support both the curriculum and the personal needs of our students and faculty, taking into consideration diverse interests, abilities, backgrounds, maturity levels, and students' extracurricular interests. Materials selected encourage an appreciation for both informational and recreational reading, viewing, or listening.

There are approximately 10,000 books (print, audio and digital), 20 periodicals, and two newspapers in the library collection. Students and staff have access to subscription databases at home and at school. These databases include Britannica School, Questia, Linguascope and National Geographic, among others. Each student has their own password for each site. For password or any other issues, please contact Mrs Marquez.

In addition, there is a growing audiovisual collection which includes videos, DVDs and CD-ROM.

Circulation and Overdue Policy
You are allowed to borrow any book, except those, which are stamped “FOR REFERENCE ONLY”. Reference books may be borrowed only by arrangement with the Librarian.

You may borrow up to 3 books. The term of loan is a maximum of 4 weeks. The books must be returned to the Library Issue Desk on or before the latest date stamped on the issue slip pasted inside the book. Books must be given to the librarian or placed in the blue box marked “Returns”. Do not place books back on the shelf! Each book returned late will be liable to a fine of 10p per day late. If a student loses, damages, or for any reason does not return a book to the library, a notice will be sent to the parents and the student will be responsible for the cost of the book.