The IB Learner Profile in the Library

There are 10 elements, which are that the IB students should be:


How these qualities are applied in our work in the library?

Thinker: What do you think of information you have just read, whether on line or in print? Is it reliable? Can you trust it?

Risk-taker: Why not try that book you just glanced at!

Reflective: What skills have you learned over time about using information and resources in the library? By reflecting, you may find that you know more than you think about finding out information!

Inquirer: What do you want to find out more about that item on the news broadcast? You're in the right place for inquiry...

Caring: Are there any people around you in the library? How can you care for their environment and personal space?

Principled: Have you acknowledge every source of information you've used in your own work?

Open-minded: Are you open to new ideas and ways and habits of learning?

Balanced: Have you given equal weight and looked at both sides of an in issue in your work?

Communicators: Is a shrug effective communication?

Knowledgeable: Did you know that using a research process can help you to be knowledgeable?

From The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the School Library by Anthony Tilke.