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Admissions Process

Dwight School is a non-selective institution with a rolling admission policy, welcoming new students year-round. We prioritise well-rounded individuals who possess the right mindset for the IB, rather than requiring that students pass a standardised test to join.

Our comprehensive process focuses on understanding both you and your child's approach to education, as well as their academic journey thus far. Our admissions approach mirrors our school philosophy, centring around the unique needs and best options for each individual child. As an international school, we have a lot of experience supporting families moving to the UK, and Dwight School London has Student Sponsor Status.

Admissions Process: Step-by-step

Would you like more information?

If you would like more information on admission to Dwight, please complete the Enquiry Form (this merely registers your interest with us and is not an obligation to submit a formal application) or give us a call to arrange an appointment to visit.

Interim Head of Admissions

Rebecca Curtis
+44(0)20 8920 0600

Admissions Officer

Karolyn Muzzlewhite
+44(0)20 8920 0600

Head of Admissions

Ruby Osibona
+44(0)20 8920 0600