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Homestay and Guardianship Service
Dwight London is a small, friendly and vibrant day school and although the school does not have its own boarding facilities, we are happy to consider applications for students aged 16 and above who would like to live with a registered homestay family.

There are a number of reputable homestay agencies in London who ensure that host families offer suitable accommodation that provide a clean, healthy and safe environment accessible to Dwight by public transport and where students can live and study and immerse themselves in the local culture living with a local family. By working with these two homestay organisations we can be confident that families are visited and that they and their homes meet the requirements set out by local authorities to be duly registered homestay providers. All students living with homestay families must also have a UK guardian agreement. Guardianship can usually be arranged by homestay agencies.

There are a number of Homestay agencies registered with the British Council, information can be found here:

We invite prospective families to contact these agencies directly for more information on the variety of accommodation and costs. These homestay arrangements are made directly between the family and the homestay organisation and the school has no financial interest in these arrangements.

UKBA Tier 4 Sponsor
For students who require a Tier 4 visa to come to the UK, Dwight can offer a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) that can be used by students to apply at the relevant consulate. We require any students/families needing a Tier 4 visa to use the Visa and Immigration Services of ECA Legal who will ensure that all of the requisite documentation is in order for Dwight to then issue the CAS. Because of local safeguarding regulations, we require that all students here independently on a Tier 4 visa be aged 16+. (This may mean a late start for some students, or that parents accompany them for the first few weeks. Please note that the full year’s tuition fees must be paid in advance for students requiring a CAS.

ECA Legal
Ben Elton +44(0) 207 255 0576

Living with friends or family
In some cases Dwight may agree to students living with family friends or relatives, but these people may need to be registered with the local authority. Please contact us to discuss this.

All students wishing to live in London independent of their families and in a homestay arrangement must go through the same application process as all Dwight applicants. See the Admissions page for more details.