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Year Level Guide

Dwight welcomes students from UK national curriculum schools and international education systems, with rolling admissions throughout the year. To help you understand the most appropriate year level for your child to join at Dwight, please see the comparative guide below.Select your country from the tab at the top to compare with Dwight's system. We understand, particularly for international relocations, that students start school at different ages, academic years begin in different months and that curriculum content differs.

During the application process, our Admissions Team and Head of School will discuss this with you and recommend the correct year level placement. This will take into consideration:

  • Previous school/curriculum
  • Current year/grade placement
  • Date of birth
  • School reports and references
  • Personal development/skills
  • Parental preferences
  • Future plans 

It is not unusual at Dwight to have up to a 19-month age span in our year levels.