All scholarships applications are now open. Please contact the admissions team if you'd like to find out more details.

Dwight School London is a non-selective school and we welcome students from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of abilities. Scholarships are awarded during the admissions process to recognise talented students who show strong potential to be successful International Baccalaureate  students at Dwight School London and who will make a positive contribution to the life of the school.  

The Process

  1. New students should complete a Scholarship Application for Dwight School London using our online system. The application with all of the information requested and supporting documents must be submitted no later than 01 December 2022. At the time of application, the family should also pay the Application Fee. The Application Fee for scholarship applicants is a reduced fee of £100 which is payable by credit card online. Current Dwight students should email to notify them they wish to apply and which scholarship category by 01 December 2022.
  2. Each scholarship has its own specific process as detailed in the relevant section below. The admissions department will be in contact to schedule any interviews, auditions and presentations.
  3. Successful candidates will be contacted by the Head of School about Scholarships awarded.


Primary Years Programme Scholarships

Two scholarships will be awarded across the following category.

Middle Years Programme Scholarships (Year 7 to Year 11)

Two scholarships will be awarded across the following categories.

Diploma Programme Scholarships (Year 12 entry)

Two scholarships will be awarded across the following categories.