Dwight's Spark of Genius means-tested scholarship is for new applicants to Dwight School seeking to join the IB Middle Years Programme (UK (Year 7 equivalent) or the IB Diploma Programme (UK Year 12 equivalent). This scholarship is intended for students who show strong potential to be successful IB students at Dwight School London but who are unable to fund the tuition fees and/or other costs in full or part.

Scholarship levels will be calculated and awarded in relation to a family’s financial circumstances, based on a means-test which includes a review of income and capital resources. We work with specialist financial assessors to ensure we offer financial support to the extent necessary. Scholarship awards depend on parents’/guardians’ circumstances (e.g. their savings, investments and realisable assets, as well as their income, the size of their family, any other persons dependent upon them and like factors) and compassionate or other pertinent considerations.

Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the programme (IB MYP or IBDP) and are maintained as long as the student shows good effort and intent and contributes positively to the school community.

We are now accepting applications for September 2021.


  1. New applicants should complete a Scholarship Application for Dwight School London using our online system. The application with all of the information requested and supporting documents must be submitted no later than Monday 9th November. At the time of application, the family should also pay the Application Fee. The Application Fee for scholarship applicants is a reduced fee of £100 which is payable by credit card online. (This fee offsets the cost of the independent financial assessors.)

  2. Students who successfully meet the scholarship admissions criteria will be notified by Friday 13th November, after which they should complete the Means-Tested Financial Application for the scholarship, and start thinking about their presentations to be made in January 2021.

  3. Students who do not meet the scholarship criteria but nonetheless meet the school’s admissions criteria will be eligible to apply for Financial Aid

  4. The Means-Tested Scholarship Financial Application, with all of its supporting documents, is due on Friday 20th November. The application will be reviewed by an external assessor (Bursary Administration Ltd.) who will also arrange a meeting to discuss the family’s circumstances, as part of their review process.

  5. Should the Financial Review process determine that the family income exceeds the financial criteria to qualify for a scholarship, the family will be notified. Successful candidates are notified by Friday 18th December and asked to prepare a presentation (see below) for the interviews to be held on Saturday 30th January 2021. Families are asked to keep that day free for attendance. If there are any scheduling conflicts anticipated, this should be reported to the Director of Admissions by Friday, 18th December.

  6. The scholarship interviews, taking place on Saturday 30th January, will involve each applicant making a presentation to the panel. In 5-10 minutes, the applicant should share how he/she aspires to demonstrate the characteristics of the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile in life both in and out of school, and why a global outlook is important. Creativity is encouraged and students are encouraged to use any medium they wish. Students who are unfamiliar with the IB Learner Profile should read about this on the IB website here.

  7. Successful candidates will be contacted by the Head of School by Monday 8th February about Scholarships awarded.