Friday, 23rd February 2018

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,

Welcome back, we hope that you had an enjoyable half-term.

Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • The children drew some beautiful self-portraits. They looked carefully in the mirrors and tried to draw what they could actually see rather than what they thought they looked like.
  • For Chinese New Year, we made lanterns, watched dragon dancing, wrote Chinese numbers and ate noodles with chopsticks (which the children particularly enjoyed).
  • We read the story about the Chinese Zodiac and discovered that the rat won the race.
  • We celebrated Language Day by singing a song about all the different ways people greet each other around the world. The children then drew a picture of themselves with a speech bubble showing how they say hello.
  • During our Maths time on Language day, some of the children were risk-takers and showed their friends how to count in different languages. We heard counting in French, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, Turkish, Russian, Spanish and Danish.
  • We went on a trip to Highgate Woods to do some forest school activities and enjoyed listening to the natural sounds we could hear in the woods.

  • Some children enjoyed writing speech bubbles for their favourite characters.
  • On Friday we celebrated 100 days of school. We completed activities involving 100 objects such as building towers with 100 blocks/cups, colouring patterns on a 100 square and writing a list of 100 things we would like and 100 things we would not like.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • The children enjoyed listening to the Big Numbers Song.
  • We placed the numbers 1-10 in order with the children holding the numbers.
  • Our new sound is p and the children wrote it on whiteboards and found objects beginning with p and we revised the sounds s, a, t.
  • The children continued to play games to reinforce oral segmenting and blending.

  Learning in Reception:

  • Our new sounds this week were: ai and oo (we continued to revise sh, ch, th, ng).

  •  We wrote the caption a duck in the rain.

  •  To work on our storytelling skills we played a game where each child had a chance to contribute their ideas to a story. We went around the circle and each child said their sentence. To keep the story connected we used words such as: Suddenly, next, later on, after that.

  • Some children chose to write stories independently about their favourite characters.

  • On Language Day we looked at the ways that different countries write numerals and had a go at writing them ourselves.


  • We will be celebrating Book Week next week and will have a focus on the story of Cinderella.
  • On Friday, The children can come to school dressed as a book character - RECEPTION do not need to wear/bring PE kits as we will not have a PE lesson that day.

Action Homework

Practise writing s, a, t in different ways - in the air with a finger, tracing on someone's back etc (This does not need to be done with a pencil and paper sat at a table).

We want to start to focus on storytelling and you will need the story connector dice that you will find in your tray on Friday.

Help your child to choose a character that they want their story to be about and ask them to make up the first sentence of a story. Then roll the story connector dice to start the next sentence. Continue as long as your child wants to, they can make as many stories as they like.

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