Friday, 15th January 2016
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M5 Information Evening
On 27th January, at 6.00pm we invite all M5 families to come to a follow up meeting ragarding the e-assessments that take place in May, as well as any other M5 matters that families wish to discuss. I understand that a process is already underway allowing  families to submit questions that they would like to ask. Please do try to attend this meeting (with or without M5 students) as we hope to be able to address any remaining issues over the e-assessments.

Personal Project Evening
On 24th February we shall be giving the M5 students the chance to display their Personal Projects and we would like to invite all families and friends to come to see what has been accomplished. We also hope that M4 families will opt to visit, as the M4 students will soon be beginning their Personal Projects. The evening will run from 6.00pm until 8.00pm.

Personal, Social and Health Education
As you may be aware, our PSHE programme is covered through the taught curriculum, through dedicated sessions in the tutor period, through a rolling programme of lessons addressed by our PSHE teachers and through guest speakers and instructors.

As part of the upcoming programme we will be covering two very important issues. On Friday, 4th March health professionals will be coming into school to discuss female genital mutilation (FGM) with students in M1-M5, more infomation will be sent to parents nearer to the date so that they have an understanding of what is being discussed and can be readily informed in case students have any questions when they get home.

The second issue that we will be covering is screen-time and we are in the process of looking at outside speakers to address students and parents on this contentious issue. Many of us have concerns over the time spent in front of screens of various types and we hope that we will be able to gain some useful advice. We have contacted Dr. Aric Sigman, who offers various PSHE talks to schools and we shall be letting you know when we have news of his availability.

More News

D2 Stratford East Theatre Trip
Last night D2 Theatre students went to watch a traditional pantomime at Stratford East Theatre called Robin Hood. Pantomime is a traditional style of British theatre performed mainly around the holiday period. This year British pantomime is part of the IB Theatre research unit and several of the students had never seen this unique form of theatre practice before. After watching last night’s performance D2 student Muna decided that she would like to research this style of theatre in more detail for her unfamiliar drama research project. Muna explained The references to modern culture were quite a shock, as was the fact the pantomime dame was actually a man, it was a really interesting and different type of theatre.

Carnegie Hall 2016
Our musicians are getting ready for their trip to New York and this year's concert in Carnegie Hall. Keep and eye on our Facebook page for some exciting updates about this year's trip!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, 16th January
D2 Theatre Trip - Macbeth

Monday, 18th January
6.00pm Ski Trip Meeting in Jubilee Hall



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