Friday,  9th March  2018

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • We read Room on the Broom and afterwards we played Hot seat where different children had to answer questions whilst pretending to be characters from the story.
  • After marking out a stage on the carpet, we told a short story to the children and they helped to act it out on the stage. After that, the children were encouraged to make up their own stories. We wrote them down and we will use these stories in the future and act them out.
  • Miss Tomlin's mum donated a box to school and a group of children quickly decided they wanted to transform it into a Spitfire. We looked at videos and photographs to make sure we included the right shapes and colours. The result is wonderful and we were really happy to see the group so engaged in their project and working collaboratively.
  • Having read Supertato and Evil Pea, we had a tray full of frozen peas and broad beans to play with.
  • Our funky fingers activity was to stretch elastic bands over the tops of tin cans - trickier than it sounds.
  • We have talked through our class essential agreement as a reminder about the behaviour we expect to see at school and talked about consequences of our choices.
  • The garden received a Spring Clean after the mess left by the snow and the children were chanting 'team work, team work' as they worked together washing and cleaning.
  • Superhero play was very popular and we set up Head Quarters in the garden and the children wrote secret messages using the wax resist method.
  • Finally we got to enjoy World Book Day and there were some fabulous costumes!

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • Using the letters s, a, t, p, i, we played games to secure recognition of these sounds  and we wrote the above letters with the correct formation.
  • Using sound buttons the children attempted to read CVC words (consonant, vowel, consonant).
  • We counted up to 10 and everyday we increased the number we counted up to. We reached 30!
  • Using groups of objects, we did adding and subtracting with single-digit numbers.
  • We read the story The Big Hungry Bear and then did some problem solving with food. For example, When you cut something in half, how many pieces do you get? We muddled up the different halves and then matched them again.
  • After we cut the apples in half, we used them to do some apple printing.
  • We used blocks to work out how to share different totals between the children.
  • To reinforce the concept of sharing and halving, the children prepared a picnic where they had to share rice cakes, crackers and bread sticks so that everyone had the same amount.

  Learning in Reception:

  • We are getting really good at counting in 10s - keep practising at home please.
  • Estimating formed a large part of our learning this week. We talked about how estimating is guessing. The guess doesn't need to be exact but it needs to be sensible and as close as possible. Each day we put a different number of objects in a jar and the children wrote their estimate on a post-it.
  • After more activities about counting in 10s the children went to photocopy their hands and we are making a number line. We also made a counting in 10s paper chain where each child made 10 links and then we joined them together.
  • Using the abacus, we continued to look at how 2 digit numbers are made up of 10s and 1s.
  • Our writing this week was based on Supertato. We thought of our own vegetable superhero and made a mind map showing what the character could do (fly, run, kick etc). The next day the children wrote a description of their character using their mind map.
  • In Phonics some children reviewed the sounds: j, w, v, y and some learnt the sounds: oo, ee, oa and ai.


  • At the start of the school day, a gentle reminder that the children may come in after 8.30am. We kindly ask you to wait with your children if you arrive earlier (unless they arrive by school bus.)
  • The gate outside the Lodge will now be closed at 8.50am so if you arrive after this time, you will need to sign in at the office because we submit our registers at this time and we need to make sure that everyone has been signed in correctly. Thank you for your understanding.

Message for Reception Parents

Please can you make sure that you sign the reading diaries when you have read at home with your child. Please don't worry if you do not get the opportunity to read the book, it is just helpful for us to know whether the book needs changing or not. Thank you.


Make up a short story with your child. Please write down one of their ideas to bring to school so we can try to act it out.


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