Friday, 16th March  2018

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • After a satisfying time recreating themselves on paper during our self-portraits session, we decided to offer the children other art media to use such as clay. The children made lovely sculptures that are on display in the classroom.
  • We continued making up stories and using a picture of a haunted house. The children had to imagine that they stepped into the picture and they had to tell us what they could see and feel. We then made a stage and acted it out.
  • Following an interest in marble run we provided tubes and marble run tracks to enhance their play.
  • We read the book The Listening Walk and after that the children went on a listening walk around the school. They used a chart to record the noises they heard.
  • Superhero play was still very popular and we continued to decorate the Superhero HQ following the children's ideas.
  • During our Write Dance activity we danced with ribbons.
  • We made new areas in the classroom following the children's interest in art activities. We now have a clay table, an art table and a painting area for the children to use on a daily basis.
  • We painted rice using bright colours and the children enjoyed filling containers using spoons but also cooking it in the role-play area.
  • We played some listening and attention games where items are placed on a tray and the children have to memorise them and then they are covered up and one item is removed and the children have to identify the missing object.
  • To reinforce the concept of sharing and halving, we cooked pizza. The children enjoyed measuring the ingredients, making the dough, adding the toppings and sharing with their friends.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • We introduced the sound for the letter n, we learned the action for it and we wrote it on the mini whiteboard.
  • We continued to use sound buttons when reading VC and CVC words.
  • Our phonics challenge is Blending therefore we made a board called Blending Line and the children read a word every day. We are using all the sounds learned so far s, a, t, p, i, n.
  • Using the Counting Jar we counted coins, we increased the number each day and we wrote the amount on the board.
  • To reinforce one more or one less concepts, the children were asked to hold up 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 fingers. We then invited them to count how many left when you add or take away one or more fingers.
  • We played the game Hide and Seek where I put some coins on the carpet and then the children closed their eyes while I hid some of the coins in my hand leaving the rest on the floor. The children had to work out how many coins I had in my hand.
  • We read One Mole Digging a Hole where the children enjoyed counting and recognising numbers.

  Learning in Reception:

  • Our writing task was making wanted posters for Evil Pea. We modelled writing simple sentences such as 'He is mean'…., 'He is bad'…., 'He is green'…… The children created great posters and they came up with some interesting description such as 'He is magnetic'…., 'He is stretchy'.
  • In Phonics the children reviewed the sounds ch, sh, th, ng.
  • Using the Estimation Jar the children estimated how many objects they could fit into the jar.
  • To draw attention to what digits represent, the children rolled a die 5 times and using the abacus they added the corresponding number of beads each time. They then counted the total number of beads and recorded on whiteboards.
  • To reinforce counting in 10s, we placed the numbers 10 to 100 in order on the carpet.
  • We invited the children to close their eyes and when the number thief removed a number the children had to guess which number was missing.
  • Different numbers of children were invited to hold up 10 fingers and we counted in 10s to see how many fingers there were.
  • Based on the Supertato story, the children split 10 peas between two prisons in order to see the different ways we can make 10.


  • At the start of the school day, a gentle reminder that the children may come in after 8.30am. We kindly ask you to wait with your children if you arrive earlier (unless they arrive by school bus.)
  • The gate outside the Lodge will now be closed at 8.50am so if you arrive after this time, you will need to sign in at the office because we submit our registers at this time and we need to make sure that everyone has been signed in correctly. Thank you for your understanding.


As the children seem very enthusiastic to write and share their stories, we would like them to continue with story writing next week.


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