Friday, 16th March  2018

Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School


Year 6 Archeologists get wet and muddy !

Year 6 spent a wet and windy Monday getting even wetter! They visited the River Thames as part of their Unit of Inquiry on Ancient Civilisations. They were taken to the riverside and learned how to search through the mud for artifacts and various clues about London. Above are some photos from their trip. Year 6 have begun their new unit on Ancient Civilisations by becoming hands-on archeologists and searching for historical evidence on the bank of the Thames. They found Medieval pottery, 17th century pipes, lots of Victorian pottery and loads of mud! 

Talent Show
On Friday afternoon it was our Lower School Talent Show. The students who got through to the final were very entertaining  Well done to Year 3, Aizere, Year 4, Natsuki, Gali, Lola, Reina, Year 5, Ava, Eliza and Year 6, Freya, Yu, Demir, Miya, Karina, Ronika. Some of you may have watched it live on Facebook, and I will share some pictures of their performances next week.

Running in the mud!
There seems to be a mud theme to the newsletter this week. Our Cross country team took part in an inter school competition on Wednesday in Highgate.. They ran around a muddy circuit with Year 4 students completing 1000m and Year 5 and 6 completing 1500m. It was a difficult event and I was proud to see our students persevere and show great commitment.

Well done to you all: Gali, Audrey, Filippo, Sachin and Lorenzo 4V, Antoni 5S, Theo 5P, Ronika, Miya, Noam, Takuya and Noah 6D.

Year 1 talk about history

It was the Year 1 assembly at the end of last week. They shared what they had learned about the past. They even got hold of some photos of teachers as babies, which I'm pleased to say were in colour and not black and white! The Year 1 students showed us old video cassettes because apparently that is what people used in the olden days! The class then went back further in history and shared what life was like in schools during the Victorian era as well as what life was like for Romans coming to Londinium many centuries ago. It was a fun and entertaining way to share their learning.


Residential Week

Our Residential Week is just around the corner. Five of our classes will be taking part in  residential trips next week with over 15 staff!

Year 3 will spend a Night at Dwight. Year 4 go to Moat Mount on Thursday and Year 5 are venturing over to Flatford Mill (see photo) for two nights. We are really excited and hope that the students enjoy these new experiences. 

Dwight Radio Update

We often use the radio station to record and share our learning. Our recorded shows will now be accessible for the remainder of the school year and can be listened to at any time. Click on the Radio Programme button to listen to our Digital Leader DJs hosting the shows. Maybe you could find DJ MI and DJ KP?

Three skills for an ever changing world
This week we were visited by a Director of an IB candidate school in Moscow, Russia. She wanted to find out what made Dwight a successful IB school and we spent time discussing how she could develop her school in Russia. We noted the importance of three key skills:  an open mind, a growth mindset and a collaborative working style. We spoke about how schools have to constantly change. It reminded me of a quote I read recently from Prof. Stephen Hawkings, who passed away this week. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change - Our students are going to experience many changes: jobs, roles, lifestyles and even locations over their lives and if we want them to be able to change we should all try to develop these three key skills.

Super Question and Language of the Week


Last week our Super Question was : What cartoon won a Best Film Oscar? Coco was the answer that everyone seemed to know and Nolen in Year 5 got a sparky for being so knowledgeable. Next week we have asked Which country celebrates St Patrick's Day ?


We also tried our 3rd consecutive Meat-free Monday at lunch this week. Initial feedback was good and so we  have decided to continue every fortnight for the remainder of the year.

And finally...
We have some lovely news to share: Mr. Slane is about to become a first time father. Baby Slane is expected some time in the next few days. On behalf of the school community, we wish him and his growing family all the very best wishes.

Have a great weekend and Happy St Patrick's Day!

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal


Reminders and Key Dates


  • Teachers in the Lodge have meetings and preparation time up until 8.30am each day, therefore, please can we remind parents with students not to enter the building until 8.30am.
  • Please note that our Lower School Sports Day was listed as 7th June but has now moved to a new date : Wednesday, 6th June.
  • We have had several outbreaks of head lice recently. We respectfully ask all parents to check their child's hair and take action if required. The Dwight Parents Association and several other parents have agreed to pass on top tips about how to deal with headlice and prevent it reoccuring.

Next Week

  • Year 5 go to Flatford Mill on 21st-23rd March.
  • Year 4 go to Moat Mount on 22nd-23rd March.
  • Year 3 have their class residential sleepover on 22nd March. (Night at Dwight
  • Year 2 Assembly 9.00am 23rd March.

This term

  • Development Tuesday, 27th March.
  • Science Fair, Wednesday, 28th March 2-3pm.
  • International Fun Run and Breakfast, Thursday, 29th March. Sign-up here.
  • Dance festival Thursday, 29th March.
  • We break up on from Thursday, 29th March and return back to school on Monday, 16th  April.


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