Friday, 16th March  2018

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Every Friday morning I take a retrospective look back at the week and it is always one full of admiration of the commitment of many of our staff, students and parents. I remain very optimistic for the future of Dwight when I see so many individuals giving their time, talents and energy for the benefit of the wider community. When such individuals also create team spirit and ignore any barriers, the outcomes for learning can be fantastic and we have some super examples this week.


Parent talk with D1

From our guest correspondent - Ion, D1

On the 14th of March, we had Mrs. Gillian Caldwell come and talk to us about her company Global Witness during our CAS period. Our interest was raised from the beginning as we were informed of her journey to a career linked to social justice, and how legal knowledge can help with forging change and making a significant difference. 

Furthermore, Global Witness is an NGO that investigates both environmental problems, such as the exploitation of natural resources, as well as human rights abuses such as corruption in the global and political system. It was a very informative session where we learnt about previous investigations conducted and laws put forward by Global Witness, and how the media plays a key role. We were very grateful for Mrs. Caldwell for coming to speak to us in her busy week and would love to hear from other parents whose work could inspire us.

Hard Hitting M5 Drama Plays

By our M5 correspondent -  Sterling

This Monday the M5 drama plays were performed. The plays were all about shifting the perception of the audience using absurdist theatre and Brechtian techniques. Some of the many topics covered were; schizophrenia, stereotypes, homelessness, refugees, and rape. These are all very serious topics that are often not really talked about because of a stigma surrounding it. By performing these plays the audience were able to become much more aware and have their perception shifted to see a new angle on the themes portrayed.

After each of the plays were finished the audience filled out a ten question questionnaire about the topic of each play and the techniques used inside it. The information given will help the M5s write their drama e-portfolios which are equivalent to our end of year exams. Over all the plays were a big hit and the audience was left shocked and thrilled about how good they were. Mrs. O'Neill said,"I am so impressed with the M5s. These topics are very serious and challenging to talk about and they were able to not only talk about them but incorporate other technique like dance and films. They all did such a spectacular job and I am very proud of them." Mrs. Cobbin wrote after, "What a creative bunch you are! The ideas were very thought provoking and your performances were quite moving. Last night it was you who was educating the audience. You inspired me!" The evening raised £55 for the student chosen charity Mind that the students felt would benefit people suffering some of the issues they had portrayed that evening.


 Pi day!

From our M1 corespondent Herbie


On Pi day, which is 14th of March, the M2s sold pies (to fit with the theme of pi) in the Cafe . They did this to raise money for each of the house charities and to raise awarness of what pi is. There was also a fun Kahoot at break about pi and an interesting trivia quiz. Do you think the M2s cut the pies into 3.14 pieces?! Thank you to Ms. Sincheva for her support and well done to Areg, Ana and all the other M2 upper set math group for organising  this event and raising a total of £73.74.

Sports News

Girls Football

From our M1 correspondent - Auva

Our newly initiated girls football team faced their first competition this Tuesday after only two weeks of training! It was a home game at the school field against St. John's School. The score was a draw of 2-2, but everybody played their best and was outstanding. Our goals were scored by Sarah who joined the school this year and we are so happy to have her on our team! A special thanks to our coach Mr. Williams, and Mrs. Cobbin, who inspired us all throughout the game from the touchline.


Boys football

From Mr. Williams, football coach
We won 1,drew 2, lost 2 and placed 5th of 6th teams. The boys deserved better than their final placing but we left our shooting boots back at school. A perfect example being the first game where we must have had 20 odd shots and scored one. The opposition had two and scored both!

They performed well against much older and more physically developed students and were not outclassed at all.

Luke was named man of the tournament by the opposition teams. He put in some fantastic performances and to be awarded best player out of the 50 players at the tournament is a nice honour to have.


 Science Spotlight: The great egg drop!

From our M3 correspondent - Kamran

This week in science we were challenged to carry out an egg drop. We had a list of materials we could use, all with different prices, such as a balloon was £20. You had to be very wise with what you decided to purchase for the design. This is an assessment for Criterion B and C in our MYP class. We were put into groups for the experiment so that you could cooperate with other people rather than just yourself and the teacher. 

We had to develop a prediction, method, list of materials and results table before we did the actual experiment. After we did all of that we built our structures and dropped the egg holders from the first floor window. Mr. Carpenter writes "this week saw the M3s carrying out investigations into speed, momentum and force using eggs. A 6m drop from a lab window without breaking was the challenge. The students came up with some ingenious designs, most of which enabled the eggs to survive - just in time for Easter. Well done to everyone, it was a good craic" Unfortunately, our egg dropped because there was not enough protection on our egg and there was yolk everywhere! We are really enjoying these hands-on science lessons that bring physics to life and test our creative design skills. Thanks Mr. Carpenter and Mr. Al Obaidi for a fun and challenging class.

Cookbook on sale for charity!

Ran, Maria, Megumi and Kie are currently participating in WOHAA, a student charity, as the group Roarin' Kitty. We have hosted a few events, such as the Japanese food bake sale and the charity concert. To those of you who helped during the charity concert, and the people who came to watch, thank you!  We have just published our major project for WOHAA, which is a Japanese cookbook on Japanese style lunch boxes. It has recipes which all of us helped create, and little tips which are passed along from our families that make cooking Japanese food easier. It is sold online at Rakuten Kobo, and the title of the book is The Japanese Lunchbox. It also has a Japanese vegan lunchbox option included as well.


If you would like additional information on our activities,or would like to see what kind of lunch boxes we are talking about, please check out our Facebook page Roarin' Kitty.


A farewell gesture from an M1 student

Sara in M1 is leaving us soon and has been packing her belongings, and on the way, an idea came up to her mind. She decided on a garage sale to reduce her belongings, and donate the money to her House charity, Live Life Give Life.

Sara raised £65 by selling her books, toys and stationery! Her mum was sure that is the result of her learning in Dwight over the past two years. Sara's mum said "it was her and my honour to be able to learn in Dwight, and we appreciate every teacher and staff effort for this kind of marvelous education. We hope it will continue and grow!" Good luck Sara and come back to visit whenever you like!

School Photo Day

Please note that the Upper School photo day for our group and team photos has moved to Monday, 26th March.


So as you can see we continue to be inspired by individuals and teams going the extra mile for the benefit of the wider community and good causes and often as a result of action from their learning. Inspiring and rewarding! Well done everyone!


Have a lovely weekend!


Andy Atkinson

Upper School Principal

Upcoming Events

The MYP students led by their House captains are participating in the swimming gala on Monday so classes and lunch times are adjusted. Ms. Mills has us all organised and the event takes place at Barnet Copthall from 10.00am. Please encourage your children to get into the spirit of the event and be prepared for Monday. Parents are welcome to spectate!


M2 to Science Museum


M2 students will visit the Science Museum on Friday, 23rd of March. This will be an excellent way to deepen their understanding and broaden their knowledge of mathematics, as well as to experience how it is applied in the real world.


We will leave school at 9.30am and return at 1.40pm so students will be expected to attend their Period 1 and 7 lessons. Students should wear full school uniform. In order to meet the costs of the day, students should bring a packed lunch and/or £10 for the café/gift shop at the museum.


Monday - March 19, 2018
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