Dear Parent/Guardian

We are writing to inform you that a case of head lice has, once again, been reported in the Lower School.

This letter has been sent to all families in the Lower School as cases of head lice have become more prevalent recently. 


May I kindly ask you to check your children's hair as well as your own before taking any required action.

Head lice are a common problem which can affect anyone, regardless of hair colour, length or cleanliness. They are most common amongst children and can spread across families and classes, if they are not dealt with promptly .

If you are worried about head lice, or you want further information please contact your pharmacist or visit here This nationally recognised website gives details about what head lice look like, how to treat them and how to prevent future outbreaks.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Yours sincerely

Anne Welch

Welfare Officer


Dwight School London

6, Friern Barnet Lane. N11 3LX

+44 208 8920 0600