Friday,  23rd  March  2018

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • Using all of our senses we experienced popcorn and then made a book saying how the popcorn looked, sounded, tasted, felt and smelt.
  • We read a book about popcorn and the different types of corn used to make it.
  • We described characters from a story and then thought of synonyms such as: big, gigantic, colossal and humongous.
  • We enjoyed listening to the stories that the children had created for homework.
  • Ms. Tomlin introduced some Forest School skills by showing some children how to tie knots and lash sticks together.
  • The children helped us to give the garden a Spring clean by washing the equipment and helping us create a new water area and mud kitchen.
  • In the studio the children continued to explore the clay and painted it with paint brushes.
  • In the sensory tray, the children enjoyed the sensation of tinned spaghetti and baked beans.
  • We had a Tea Station where the children made tea in teapots using tea bags and cold water.
  • There has been an interest in building paper aeroplanes.
  • As the sun has been shining, we have enjoyed using the sandpit.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • We counted coins in the counting jar up to 20.
  • Using the number rhymes to help us remember numeral formation.
  • Using our estimating skills, we compared two quantities and guessed which had more or less and we used vocabulary such as more, less, fewer, too much and same.
  • The phonics challenge of the day is a fantastic way of helping the children to learn to read short words such as nap, tap, sat, pin.
  • We read messages in the mystery box which were VC and CVC words.
  • Using Lightsabers we reinforced letter formation.
  • We used our decoding skills to read the word pants and then we read the book called Pants.

  Learning in Reception:

  • In Phonics we learned the graphemes ar and or and wrote short captions with words containing these sounds.
  • We read questions and sorted them into the answers yes or no.

  • Using the big book called Kipper's Diary we talked about what a diary is and then wrote our own diary.

  •  In Maths we continued working with estimation and counting in 10s.

  •  We explored an inquiry into sharing by asking the children to work in pairs to share different quantities between them and then record their results. As they coloured their answers on a number line they noticed a pattern emerging. We then learnt about counting in 2s.

  •  We took our Maths to the park, first playing some team building games before using a hoop, dropping it on the ground and estimating the number of sticks inside. We then collected sticks, made squares and turned it into a number line by finding natural objects to place inside.


  • It is Development Tuesday next week (27th March) and school closes at 2.30pm.
  • We break up on Thursday next week (29th March) for the holidays and will return on Monday, 16th April.
  • We are involved in the Science Week and will be doing lots of practical activities.
  • On Thursday it is the Fun Run and International Breakfast. Thank you in advance for your help.
  • On Thursday it will be our LAST SHOW AND TELL for this year. Please make sure your child has the chance to participate if they want to.

Action Homework

Due to the high interest in paper aeroplanes, can you help your child to build a paper aeroplane and perhaps research different strategies.


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