Friday, 4th May  2018

Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School


Year 2 Trips
Year 2 made two trips this week. On Monday they completed a very important part of their work on recycling, reusing and reducing by purchasing a tree for our playground area. The tree is an apple tree (yummy) and it was an action that the Year 2 class decided to take to make the world a better place - thank you Year 2.

On Thursday the class went on the tube to visit Sir John Soane's Museum. At the museum, they did a workshop about light, shadows and reflections. The students had a guided tour around the museum looking at the different ways light was used to create a certain feeling to a room. They also learned about stained glass windows and skylights.  (See photos above) 

Earth Day

The whole of Lower School celebrated Earth day last week in their Houses. We have collated the work and it has made an interesting display in the foyer. If you get a chance please come and  take a look. All of the models have been made out of recycled materials and there are several creative pieces of work including: ponds, factories, trees, animals and the earth itself.

Assembly Celebration

Year 3 shared their learning with us on Friday as they reflected on their inquiries. They made 3D shapes, highlighted aspects of poetic language, including similes. They put together a timeline of houses since the Iron Age, and they made electric circuits. It was both entertaining and informative. They made it fun by making it into a game show format hosted by Elliot. Well done to everyone in Year 3. It was a great way to start the day.


Noa van Oort has joined us recently. She is a student from The Netherlands and she is based in Year 5 until mid June. She is training to be an international teacher at the ITEPS Institute in The Netherlands. We wish her well as she embarks on her journey to become a qualified teacher.

IT Safety
Using computers is a great way to support learning. We also are aware that it is great for gaming too and that a lot of our students play games to have fun.
The website National Online Safety gives parents and schools advice about the games some of our students play. It is especially useful for those games that are interactive and  involve live internet conversations at the same time. They can also provide information about cyber bullying, helping students avoid risks. Most computer based safeguarding incidents occur outside of school hours. If parents and carers want to complete an online safety course they can through this link:

Cake Sale
Well done to the Year 3 and Year 4 parents who put up with the rain and hosted a Dwight Parent Association Cake sale on Friday. They raised  £119 pounds in the process - thanks to everyone that was involved.

Super Question and Language of the Week


Last week our Super Question was : Which country celebrates St Gearge's Day and how old is the Queen of that country? Rayaan in Year 6 told us that it was England and the Queen is 92 years young!  He got a Sparky for being so knowledgeable.


Next week we want to know Who won the WFA Cup? (Some of our students, parents and staff will be at the match.)


Kind regards


Matt Parkin

Lower School Principal


Reminders and Key Dates


  • We want to remind all parents that we expect all healthy students to attend school, all of the time. If time is required away from school for religious or holiday purposes they must ask permission from the Lower School Principal
  • We want to remind all parents that the temperatures are increasing and that we recommend wearing hats and applying suncream to your children during any hot spells.

Next Week

  • WFA Cup Final on Saturday, May 5th ( Several students and staff will be attending).
  • Bank Holiday - Monday, 7th May (No school)
  • New York Exchange May 6th - 11th Dwight New York visit London

Key dates this term

  • New York Exchange May 19th - 26th Dwight London visit New York
  • INSET ( School is closed ) on Friday, 25th May.
  • PYP Exhibition is now 27th June at 6pm

Dwight Parent Association Events.

May Out and About ~ Italian Home Cooking Demo with Mariella

Ever wanted to make your own pasta? Know the tips for making the freshest pesto? Think making Tiramisu from scratch is too hard? Well, you're in for a treat!


Join us for a delicious afternoon with Dwight parent, Mariella Castelli, who will treat us to a 'hands-on' Italian cooking demo. We'll all get to take part learning how to make tricolor salad, fettuccini with pesto and tiramisu and then we'll celebrate our hard work by sitting down to a 3-course meal!


Date: Friday, 11th May, 2018

Time: 10:30am-2:30pm
Place: Lam-Po-Tang Home – Finchley Central
Cost: £15 – please bring cash on the day

Space is limited, so please RSVP to


June Dwight Out and About – Swingers Miniature Crazy Golf

Join us for the last Out and About of the year, a special Friday evening outing at Swingers!


Swingers West End takes crazy golf back to its seaside roots in a venue that reimagines the faded glamour of the 1920's English Riviera.  We'll have a few drinks, play some crazy golf and celebrate the end of another great year at Dwight. This is open to all Dwight parents, so make it a date and bring your partner!

Date: Friday, 29th June 2018

Time: 7pm meet at the venue

Place: Swingers West End – 15 John Prince's Street – W1G 0AB


Cost: £13 per person for golf – plus whatever drinks/food you want to order. Please bring cash on the night.

Contact to reserve your space or for more information.



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