Friday,  27th April  2018

Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School

We are already into week two of the Summer term and there was an animal theme to some activities this week.

The Year One students were visited by a professional animal keeper. The class were given opportunities to safely meet snakes, geckos, rabbits and millipedes! The students asked good questions and found out more about life-cycles. As you can see from the photos above, they really enjoyed meeting the visitors.

Continuing on the animal theme, in Kindergarten and Reception we said goodbye to the ducklings. They hatched last week in their incubator and this week they have been drawn, observed, questioned, corralled, painted and fed by our youngest students here is a picture of them.


This week several older students took part in the annual Maths Challenge. This is a National competition that offers our students the opportunity to show off their mathematical skills against students from the rest of the country. We wish our students well with their results, we will find out about them shortly.


There was also a Green theme this week, as the Lower School celebrated Earth Day. There were several activities that involved recycling and reusing resources. Students worked together in the Houses to create imaginative work and to further understand the importance of looking after our planet.

Lower School Clubs 

We started our clubs this week. Lego Club with Mrs. Bettelheim started on Monday and it was obvious straight away that we have a lot of students who like to use Lego creatively and collaboratively. I look forward to seeing what they create. We also started Cooking Club this week. Cooking is such an important skill, particularly as many national reports continue to inform us about the links between diet and health. If we can further encourage students to eat well then we are encouraging them to be healthier too.  This week they made a fruit fool and some fruit salads (sounds lovely!). Over the next few weeks they hope to try out some family recipes chosen by the students themselves. 

Year 6 meet with M1 and M5

Year 6 and the M1 students form the Upper School met on Monday as a follow on from their trip together last Friday. They went through some reflections of their trip to the British Museum discussing a range of issues. We hear they had a great time together, please see the extract below from Finn in M1.


Finn from M1 writes, On Friday, M1 students went with the Year 6 students to the British Museum. We went on a tour to see Greek statues, Egyptian jewellery and African Kangas. Then, on Monday we went to the Lower School and worked in groups to make our own paper Kangas - African clothing worn on special occasions using our own ideas and designs.

Year 6 were also invited to the M5 IBMYP Personal Project this week. They were very impressed with the quality and the confidence of the M5 students who presented their work on subjects such as architecture, biology, art, sport, psychology and history. It helped the Year 6 students to see their educational journeys a little more clearly, as they go on to complete the IBMYP, followed by the  IB Diploma

Termly Magazine
We are delighted to share our latest magazine with you. Please click here to view it online, or here to download a PDF version.

Super Question and Language of the Week


Last week our Super Question was: What was combined together in the recent Commonwealth Games?  This was a difficult question and Mrs. Boughton got the answer correct when she informed us that it was the first sporting event to truly combine able bodied events alongside para sports.


This week the Super Question was a double header: Which country celebrates St. George's Day and how old is the Queen of that country?


Have a nice weekend 


Kind regards


Matt Parkin

Lower School Principal


Reminders and Key Dates


  • We want to remind all parents that we expect all healthy students to attend school, all of the time. If time is required  away from school for religious or holiday purposes they must  ask  permission from the Lower School Principal
  • We want to remind all parents that the temperatures are increasing and that we recommend wearing hats and applying suncream to your children during any hot spells. 

Term 3: Dates of events for next week 

  • We have three students representing the school in a ski competition on Monday, 30th April - Good luck to Charlie, Miya and Emma.
  • Year 2 visit John Soames museum on Thursday, 3rd May.
  • Friday, 4th May - Year 3 Assembly.
  • WFA Cup Final on Saturday, May 5th ( Several students and staff will be attending).


Term 3 :Dates for  the term 

  • Bank Holiday - Monday, 7th May (No school)
  • New York Exchange May 6th - 11th Dwight New York visit London
  • New York Exchange May 19th - 26th Dwight London visit New York
  • INSET ( School is closed ) on Friday, 25th May.


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