Friday,  27th April  2018

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • We continued to observe our baby ducklings and noticed they are already changing and growing. They went for their first swim at the beginning of the week and it was wonderful to watch them diving and swimming. We were sad to see them go on Friday.
  • Many of the children's independent activities were related to the ducks - making pictures, paintings, clay models and gifts for them.
  • Our Unit of Inquiry is about change so we conducted an experiment to find out the changes that happen to eggs when they are put into different solutions. We placed an egg in orange juice, vinegar, water and coca cola.  Ask your child to see if he/she can remember what happened.
  • We read the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we talked about change.
  • We went to Forest School and completed team building activities and enjoyed building shelters and dens.
  • As part of Earth Day, we joined the rest of the school for some activities that included: recycling relay, action planning and building a sculpture out of recyclable materials.
  • Our fairies are back in our garden and the children enjoyed drawing and colouring in their favourite fairies.
  • At the clay table the children worked hard to make eggs and ducklings out of clay.
  • The cherry tree in the garden is in full blossom and the children painted the blossoms at the easel using different colour paint.
  • The construction area seems very popular as the children are building different models using duplo, building blocks and connectagons.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • We revised the sounds learned so far using flashcards and on whiteboards we practised the correct letter formation.
  • We played the game What's the Sound Mr Wolf where children had to recognise the sound that Mr Wolf was showing and then take a step forward.
  • We introduce a new sound d and the children had to think of words beginning with this sound.
  • We read the next book (Getting up) from the Oxford Reading Tree.
  • During Maths the children had to match welly boots and then we asked them to find a partner and think of what other things come in pairs.

  Learning in Reception:

  • In our phonics we continued to work on the Phase 3 sounds and introduced the trigraph igh.
  • We read captions and matched them to the correct picture and then attempted to write the captions by ourselves.
  • We did a piece of writing about how to take care of our ducklings.
  • In Maths, we talked about pairs and made a mind map of things that come in pairs.
  • We then counted in 2's and did some work about doubling.
  • We observed that butterfly wings are symmetrical and had a go at drawing a butterfly with the same pattern on both wings.


Show and Tell will be back next year. Thank you to everyone that made this a successful session. Please do not bring any more toys in school.


As we are learning about change this term, we would like to look at the children's pictures when they were babies to talk about any changes they think it happened to them. Could you please bring in a picture of your child? We will return it at the end of the term.


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