Friday,  18th May  2018

Early Years Newsletter

 This week's news from Kindergarten and Reception

Dear Parents,


Here is an outline of our learning this week:

  • We worked really hard to get our assembly ready for you to enjoy. We sang songs, performed the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and showed an entertaining video.
  • Many children completed the homework task to make a poster about caring for the planet. They enjoyed sharing their knowledge with the rest of the class.
  • We observed that our sunflower seeds and beans are continuing to grow and are making sure that we take care of them by giving them the right amount of water each day.
  • Our funky fingers activities involved threading laces around cartoon characters.
  • On Friday we enjoyed a visit with Chancellor Stephen Spahn and had a lovely picnic in the afternoon.
  • There are so many artists in our class and the children have continued to enjoy exploring the clay and painting masterpieces.

 Learning in Kindergarten:

  • We read the next Oxford Reading Tree book called The Library and the children made up their own story whilst looking at the pictures.
  • We introduced the new sounds c and k and found words beginning with these two sounds.
  • The children started to learn their races for Sports Day.
  • We continued to learn about shapes and read the book called The Shape of Things.
  • A couple of weeks ago, we left some foods on our interest table to see what would happen to them. We observed that the red pepper has liquified and the bread has gone mouldy.

  Learning in Reception:

  • We continued to complete the daily caption writing challenge as the children arrive at school. They listen to the sentence on the talk tins and try to write it independently.
  • Following on from our work with Jasper's Beanstalk, the children had a go at writing their own version.
  • The children wrote their own short stories on whiteboards and tried to use some story language such as Once upon a time.
  • In PE they have been learning the races that they will do on Sports Day.


    Kindergarten - Bring an object beginning with c or k.

    Reception - We are working really hard with our writing at the moment. Please encourage
    your child to write a sentence about our assembly; for example, their favourite part, what character they played etc.

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