Friday, 29th January 2016
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Alison Cobbin - Head of School

M5 Storytellers

Last week was brought to a close with the M5 Theatre students entertaining us with an evening of stories from around the world. This was a challenging and demanding project for the students, as not only did they have to learn all the lines for their stories (some up to 10 minutes long) they had to command the stage and deliver their story whilst on stage with only a costume and a few props for support. It was a very impressive feat and the audience appreciated the range of stories on offer. Some were funny, some sad and some surprising. All of them had personal resonance for the students who selected their stories themselves, many of which were linked to the student’s cultural heritage. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening and felt I got to know a bit about each of the students by listening to them tell their chosen story.

20:20 Global Art Exhibition
The long awaited 20:20 art exhibition arrived in the Jubilee Hall this week. Artworks on the theme, What we think we become, produced by students from Dwight London, New York, Seoul, Vancouver and Shanghai are on display. The small format (20cm x 20cm) has inspired some very intricate pieces that make effective use of the instinct of the viewer to get up close to see each one in detail, whilst others are bold and take advantage of bright colours and surprising textures. Miss Ross and I agree (without a hint of bias) that the Dwight London contributions are the highlight of the show. It is well worth a visit to the Jubilee Hall to see the exhibition and visitors would be very welcome.

Term Dates

A few weeks ago I wrote that the school was looking to move our school year a bit earlier to try to align more closely with other international schools and to allow for more teaching days for our oldest students before they reach their final IB Diploma exams. After a consultation with staff I have come to the conclusion that there is not enough time to consider all the implications of a change and adequately consult the school community in time to make changes for the next academic year. We will, however, put together a working party to look at term dates during the summer with a view to adjusting the school calendar for 2017/18 and beyond. The school dates for next year are below.

Best wishes to all for the weekend.

Alison Cobbin
Head of School

Dwight School London Term Dates 2016-2017

Autumn Term 2016
Term begins: Monday, 5th September
Half term holiday: Monday, 24th October to Friday, 28th October
Term ends: Friday, 16th December – school closes at midday

Spring Term 2017
Term begins: Monday, 9th January
Half term holiday: Monday, 13th February to Friday, 17th February
Term ends: Friday, 31st March – school closes at midday

Summer Term 2017
Term begins: Monday, 24th April
May Day holiday: Monday, 1st May
Half term holiday: Monday, 29th May to Friday, 2nd June
Staff development day (no students in school): Monday 5th June
Term ends: Tuesday, 11th July – school closes at midday


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