Friday, 29th January 2016
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20:20 Dwight Global Art Exhibition
Dwight Global Art ExhibitionThis year's 20:20 Dwight travelling exhibition is now on display in the Jubilee Hall and you are invited to come along and view it. The theme for this year's exhibition is What we think we become and students' art from Dwight London, Shanghai, New York, Seoul and Vancouver are all on display.

This exhibition comprises works of art from each of the schools in the Dwight group, and this is the second year that we have had the opportunity to share the work with our community.

lBDP Art Exhibition
IB Diploma Art Exhibition
On Wednesday, 2nd March we shall be holding our annual IBDP Art Exhibition. Please come along and see the amazing pieces that have been created. The evening will run from 6.30pm until 7.30pm in Jubilee Hall. At 7.00pm we will also be giving Year 5 and 6 families another chance to hear about the Upper School.


Dr. Aric Sigman
We have made a provisional booking for Dr. Sigman to speak with our community on the topic of screen-time. As soon as the date (provisionally 16th March) is confirmed we will inform you and we hope that you will be able to attend the evening session for parents. Just this week we have heard the results of the annual survey into viewing habits, and we learned that the average time spent in front of screens, after school, for 5 to 16 year olds is 3 hours online and a further 2.1 hours watching television channels a day.  We do not think that we are alone in becoming increasingly concerned about this.

Model United Nations (MUN)
Mr. Triol has sent us this short message from the Netherlands: This week, the MUN club participated in THIMUN in The Hague. Our delegates represented Iran and The International Fund of Agricultural Development (IFAD). They demonstrated a lot of compassion and bravery when debating, and were very professional in their attitude. They were not afraid to voice their opinions throughout the debating process and some of our delegates were very fortunate to get their resolutions passed during voting procedures. We were also able to enjoy a half-day trip into Amsterdam and visit the Rijksmuseum. The students will be creating a slideshow to share with the school about their experience. Congratulations to all of our participating delegates; they have made Dwight School London proud!

As you are aware we are aiming to send as much communication home as we can in an electronic form. Whenever a letter or newsletter is directed to a specific group, it will be issued by email rather than paper. When you are asked to complete the online form, please do follow the indicated instructions, as this helps us to keep a record of what has been received.

More News

Carnegie Hall 2016
Our musicians depart for New York at the weekend and we wish them well in their travels and for their performances.

Upcoming Events

Sunday, 31st January
Musicians Depart to NYC

Monday, 1st February
1.40-2.40pm M3 careers workshop



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