Friday, 14th September, 2018          


John Hickey

I was delighted on Monday afternoon to run into two of our May 2018 graduates in the Jubilee reception; both were excited and looking forward to heading off to University in the next weeks. It is these moments that remind me why I became a teacher. I had seen these young men complete the Middle Years Programme and then navigate the challenges of the IB Diploma and I am very confident that they are both very well prepared for university study; they know how to manage their time, they are critical thinkers, they can express their ideas with confidence and they are open-minded, risk takers. I look forward to the day they come back to visit with more stories of their life journeys... Read More...



Learning in the Lodge

We have had another good week and the children are getting familiar with their routines and building friendships with each other. Here is an outline of our learning this week. We started our All About Me Unit of Inquiry by receiving a parcel with a special mystery person inside... Read more...


Upper School Work Experience
We were extremely proud of our M5 students last year for their commitment to and performance in their chosen work experience. Work experience is very important in making informed careers choices... Read more...


Year 5: Unit on Values and Beliefs

Year 5 visited the Mandir Temple today, a Hindu temple in North-West London. They are interested in different values and beliefs since learning about this in their unit. By understanding different religions and cultures, it helps our students to become... Read more...

News from the Dean of Students

As we near the end of the second week, we are becoming more settled into good routines. Students are becoming familiar with timetables, we are no longer getting lost in mazes of corridors, and normal school life has begun. This week, students have got to know their tutor groups through some icebreaker games... Read more...


Lower School Units of Inquiry Update

Year 1 continued their work this week in their unit about themselves and took some selfies to really see what they have in common and also what their differences are! Mr Rehman and Miss Olver even joined in! They also explored each other's languages because they... Read more...


School Clubs and Lower School LAMDA
Upper School Tuesday activities and weekly clubs were launched this week by Ms Villate and Ms Mills and students are signing up for a wide variety of co-curricular activities. We have some regular favourites including a growing Chess club, MUN, Dwight TV (first episode next week)... Read more...


Lower School Curriculum Overview 

This week we completed Meet the Teacher meetings for all classes. As it is the beginning of a new academic year we would like to share with you the curriculum overviews for Term 1 2018-19 and inform you of developments in the Primary Years Programme... Read more...

Quick Links

Lower School Reminders

School Trips

Some of our school trips are starting soon. Year 5 have already arranged several visits and interviews at various religious venues as part of their Unit Of Inquiry on Values and Beliefs.

  • Monday, 17th September - London Islamic Centre (by school bus)
  • Wednesday, 3rd October - New North London Synagogue (by tube) 


Year 3 and Year 6 are both on school trips as well next week as part of their Units of Inquiry.

  • Tuesday, 18th September - RAF Museum (Year 3)
  • Tuesday, 18th September - Science Museum (Year 6)


We hope to share some of their experiences with you next week.

Upper School Reminders

Retreat Letters

Retreat information was sent to all Upper School families today. Please contact the school office if you did not receive one regarding your son/daughters trip.


Whole School Upcoming Events

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Friday - 21 September 2018
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Lower School

Upcoming Events

Monday - 17 September 2018
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Tuesday - 18 September 2018
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Upper School

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