Friday, 14th September, 2018          


John Hickey

At Dwight we talk a lot about personalised learning; and so we should, as it is one of our Dwight Pillars. Often we discuss it in relation to what happens in the classroom, and of course, it is important that the learning experiences in each classroom are personalised. However, personalised learning is also about each child's identity and how they are known within the school community. We are very fortunate to be small enough to know all our students well. Everyone is known. Every child can be seen as an individual, with their own personality, aspirations, motivations and quirks. When learning is truly personalised every student feels understood and valued, each one is supported when needed and everyone's strengths are celebrated...Read More...



Learning in the Lodge

This week in Early Years, we continued to explore our units, All About Me and Let's Play. Our Learning in Kindergarten. We introduced the sitting skills and we did some investigation into sounds. Using different objects... Read more...


Developing the Love of Reading

One of the areas of Personalised Learning encouraged at Dwight School is to cultivate a reading culture.  We have been doing this steadily, by promoting it through independent reading as well as paired reading in Vertical Tutor time. Each year a new motivating...  Read more...


Lower School Coffee Morning

We would like to invite you to an informal social event on Wednesday, 3rd October between 8.45-10.15am where you can ask and discuss any questions you may have about how we deliver the Primary Years Programme (PYP) in the Lower School. We will provide... Read more...


House Bridge Building

All the students on Thursday were invited to the hall for a launch of the inter-house activities with an ingenious and fun activity of team bridge building. Mr Clare, Head of Visionaries, challenged groups of students to build bridges from spaghetti and marshmallows...Read more...


Forest School Sessions

The children in The Lodge started their Forest School sessions at Moat Mount Outdoor Centre this week! For their first week, they learnt about working within a safe boundary and the Forest School rules we take care of ourselves, each other and nature. The children played...Read more...

University Information Evening
We were delighted to receive many students and parents on Thursday evening for an informative talk on university applications. The powerpoint presentation... Read more...


Year 6: Music and the Human Body

This week saw several members of the Lower And Upper School visit the Barbican in London to watch a concert. The students were given this opportunity thanks to the Year 6 exhibition that took place last year . During the Year 6 Exhibition the students invited the composer and musician Mr Peter Ash. Peter talked with the whole... Read more...


D2 Student Releases Book

We are really proud of D2 student Helena on the release of her new photography book 'Shadows'. It is a black and white photography book that recreates dream-like scenarios using miniature figurines and inspired by... Read more...


Lower School Clubs 

Lower School Clubs have now started with a lot of enthusiasm and talent being broadcast. Every term we gauge what the children might like and endeavour to personalise their learning experience. This term Karate has been a very popular club along with football and basketball... Read more... 

Quick Links

Lower School Reminders

Lower School Visit to Upper School

Year 6 students and Year 5 students will be visiting the Upper School next week. I know they are looking forward to some Science in the new Upper School labs, as well as learning about Mandarin, Music and Design.


Lower School Photos

A polite reminder that the Lower School individual student photos are now online and available for purchase via this link.


If you have mislaid your son/daughter's access code please call the Nice Smile Customer Service Team on 0207 183 8683 who will be able to assist you.

Upper School Reminders

Retreat Letters

Information regarding the upcoming Upper School retreats were sent home last Friday. Links to each of them are can also be found below. Please contact the trip leaders if you require more information:

M1 Retreat: Flora Mather, (leaving the Spahn Campus at 9am be there by 8.30am)
M2/3 Retreat:

Karine Villate, (leaving the Spahn Campus at 9am be there by 8.45am)

M4/5 Retreat: Ashlea Mills, (leaving from the Jubilee Campus at 9.30am be there by 9am)
Diploma Retreat: Fiona McCaffrey, (leaving the Spahn Campus at 6.45am be there by 6.30am)


D2 students not attending the retreats, are allowed to attend school on Monday 8.30-10.30 and Friday 1.40-3.40pm for face to face tutorials with some staff.




Choir Fest

Call for parent help! On Thursday, 4th October from 4pm onwards there will be a social event for students involved in the Choir Festival. We will be needing some volunteer parents to help set up, supervise and arrange aspects of the event with Ms. Harriman. If you are interested in helping please contact


If you would like to register for tickets for the Choir Fest please go here.


Whole School Upcoming Events

Monday - 24 September 2018
All day
Tuesday - 25 September 2018
All day
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Lower School

Upcoming Events

Monday - 24 September 2018
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
Tuesday - 25 September 2018
10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Upper School

Upcoming Events

Monday - September 24, 2018
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