Friday, 5th October, 2018          

John Hickey

So much of the learning at Dwight happens outside of the classroom. As well as the informal learning opportunities that take place daily in the playgrounds, the cafe, activity groups, trips, and after-school clubs, there is a very intentional journey of outdoor education available to all Dwight students.


This starts with our youngest students who go to Forest School. This develops through the residential trips offered in the Lower School and culminates in the week-long retreat trips for Upper School students who, by the time they reach the Diploma programme, are ready to hike and camp out in the challenging terrain of the Lake District... Read more...



Nature in the Lodge

This week in the lodge it has all been about nature! In Yoga Bugs the children were observing autumn leaves and using them in their poses as they pretended to be trees. At Forest School the children went on a scavenger hunt to look for different items in nature... Read more...


Choir Fest!

Our music programme has got off to a flying start this term with the arrival of three international schools from Dwight New York, Dwight Qibao and Evangelische Schule Berlin Zentrum for our annual Choir Fest. Since Wednesday the choir and band have been enjoying... Read More...


Year 3 and Year 5 Trips

It has been a busy week for our Year 3 and Year 5 students as they have been out and about! Year 5 visited a Synagogue as part of their Unit on Values and Beliefs whereas Year 3 explored the transportation links across London as part of their Unit of Inquiry...  Read more...


Off to the Theatre for our Diploma Students!

Ms. Kennedy has been taking the Diploma students outside of the classroom this week with two visits to the theatre! They visited The National and Barbican Theatres for two plays that really explored the themes that they are studying in their lessons. Peter Brook is a theatre... Read more...



Teachers Learn Beyond the Classroom too!

Ms. Mather and Ms. McCaffrey and Mrs. Hornshaw are all in Vienna this weekend, attending the IB Regional Conference for leaders and teachers across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. This conference during the 50th anniversary year of the IB has some superb speakers and workshops so we hope they return inspired and ready to take the PYP, MYP and DP to the next level.


Quick Links

Lower School Reminders

World Mental Health and Wellbeing Day

It is World Mental Health and Wellbeing Day on Wednesday, 10th October. We are hoping to share the things that make us feel good so keep an eye out on our social media for a Lower School video all about what makes us feel well!


Well done to our footballers who took part in several matches in the last week. It was great that they represented the school so well. We will have a report about the matches at the end of the season.


Early Finish

It is Development Tuesday on Tuesday, October 16th. The school will close at 2.30 and parents are expected to pick their children up as there are no Clubs on that day. 

Student Reports
The Reports for this term will be sent out on Friday, 19th October and the  Parent Teacher Conference will take place on the first Tuesday back after half term October 30th.

Upper School Reminders

Diploma Reminders

Diploma Theatre Students will be attending an ISTA conference in London from Monday to Wednesday next week.


M5 Reminder

M5 Students have a Personal Project workshop on Monday morning with Ms. Villate.


Open House Event

On Tuesday Dwight Upper School hosts an Open House for new families - please spread the word to other families who might also benefit from a great Dwight London education.



Whole School Upcoming Events

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Lower School

Upcoming Events

Monday - 8 October 2018
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Tuesday - 9 October 2018
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Upper School

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