Dear Parents and Guardians,

This years dance assembly is taking place on Friday, 26th February and it is now time to start planning your child's costume. Please send your child to school wearing the appropriate attire on this day. The students are also encouraged to bring in their costumes and to start wearing them to PE class. The more practice the students have dancing in their costume prior to the assembly the better. Once the assembly is finished, the students will change back into their school uniform. Please see the table below which outlines the costumes needed for each year group. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!




Ninja costumes will be provided. Black trainers are ideal.


All black clothing and a baseball cap of choice.

3S / 3D


Costumes will be provided for the students playing ghosts. The students playing Ghostbusters will need to wear their full PE track suit which includes the Dwight jacket, long trousers and their PE kit string bag on their backs. 


The students will wear dark jeans, a t-shirt of their choice, and a solid coloured zip-up style hoodie.


The girls have decided to wear long dresses and flats. The boys have decided to wear black shoes, navy blue school trousers, a white button up dress shirt and a vest.


The girls have decided to wear leggings and/ or a skirt with a top of their choice. The boys have decided to wear black shoes, black trousers, a white button up dress shirt and a black blazer. Clara will need to wear black trousers and a leather jacket as she is playing Elvis Presley. A wig and sunglasses will be provided for her.


Each student has decided on their individual costume and they are responsible for dressing accordingly. Some props have been purchased for certain students.


Each group is responsible for coordinating their own costumes.

Please consult with your child to ensure they have everything they need prior to the dance assembly. After the show we will be posting each performance on the student hub for you to watch at home. If you have any questions do not hesitate to send me an email.

Kind regards,

Geoff Cusack
PE Teacher

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