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Friday, 1st February, 2019       



Young Voices 2019

Well done to all of our students from across the Lower and Upper School who took part in the Young Voices concert at the O2 on Wednesday evening. This was an amazing musical event which we are so lucky to participate in and we are certain many of the parents who attended felt as proud of the children as we did!



M4 visit The Crystal

On Tuesday, our M4 Design students visited The Crystal, close to the Royal Victoria Docks in London. The Crystal is home to the world's largest exhibition on the future of cities, as well as one of the world's most sustainable buildings. It showcases global trends and... Read more...

Snow in The Lodge

This week in The Lodge the children have had an interest in storybooks and remembering phrases along with getting to make a snowman at Forest School! We have also spent a lot of the week looking at how to make different foods and making songs up about the... Read more...


Upper School E-Safe Assembly

On Thursday, Dwight Upper School students had an assembly about e-safety and how to be safe online. E-safe is a monitoring system that monitors your internet activity online. It only monitors your school accounts, not your private accounts, but it helps... Read more...

Year 6 to visit the M5 Personal Project Exhibition 

As part of the transition period from the Primary Years Programme to the Middle Years Programme, we aim to show our Year 6 students examples of the learning that takes place in the Upper School. So on Tuesday, 2nd February,  our Year 6 students are... Read more...


M1 visit The National Gallery

On Thursday, our M1 students visited The National Gallery for a workshop and tour about portraiture. This is a very old art form going back at least to ancient Egypt. Before the invention of photography, a painted, sculpted, or drawn portrait was the only way to... Read more...


Marshmallows in Forest School!

At Forest School, we continued to enjoy the community spirit of being around a campfire. Some of the Year 1 children had helped to collect Silver Birch bark which started our fire beautifully. This week we made an open fire and the children all took turns... Read more...


M4 and M5 Biology Studies

In recent weeks, M4 and M5 students have been working on models and simulations as part of their studies in Biology. M4 Biology students have been studying the Digestive System, identifying how it works and created models that simulate the process it goes... Read more...

Spark Tank Judges Needed

Spark Tank is designed to nurture innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership skills beyond the classroom. Students can participate in the Spark Tank programme to develop their... Read more...

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Quick Links

Lower School Reminders

Action in Lower School

Action is an integral part of the Year 6 Exhibition and all the children are looking at how they can be change agents in their particular areas of interest. One of our students, Oliver is passionate about saving endangered species and with this in mind has set himself the challenge of adopting a Mountain Gorilla for a year through the charity WWF. To raise the money needed for the adoption Oliver is running Dodgeball games during Golden Time with a small donation required. He will be running the games on Friday, 8th February from 2.45pm - 3.15pm and will be charging £1 per game. All are invited to join! Please support him with his action to save this very precious species. 



Our Eco-rangers are in need of some resources to build a Bug Hotel in our school. A Bug hotel is a place where any bugs can stay. We need: strips of wood, straw, moss, dry leaves,  wood chips, old terracotta pots, old roofing tiles, bricks (preferably those with holes through them), old logs, bark, pine cones, sand, soil, hollow bamboo canes, dead hollow stems cut from shrubs and herbaceous plants, a sheet of roofing felt, planks of wood and any other natural materials you can find! You can put the resources inside a box which is below the Eco board.


The Eco-rangers would like to ask if any parents could volunteer to come and help build the bug hotel on Wednesday, 6th February at 12:00pm. Please contact if you can.


Safer Internet Day

Next week in the Lower School it is our Safer Internet week and the students will be having lots of reminders and activities about being responsible ICT users. Safer Internet Day is officially on Tuesday, 5th February. We recommend their website here which gives advice to students, teachers and parents about using ICT safely and effectively.


Date Reminders

  • On Tuesday, 5th February our Boys Football team have a match vs Hereward House at home. We wish them good luck!

  • On Wednesday, 6th February our Girls Netball team have a tournament from 9.00am - 3.00pm. 

  • On Friday, 6th February there is a Girls Netball match and Year 4 are hosting their class assembly. After the assembly our Year 4 parents are invited to attend a meeting about the upcoming residential trip.


Weather Reminders

The weather is certainly getting colder and is forecast to stay that way for much of this half term. Please may all parents ensure that their child has warm clothing for the cold weather. If the weather becomes too severe we will have indoor breaks.

Upper School Reminders

M5 Personal Project Exhibition

On Monday, 4th February our M5 students will be showcasing their Personal Projects from 6.30pm in Jubilee Hall. We look forward to seeing you there.


Upper School Trips

  • On Friday, 8th February our M5 and D1 students will be seeing a Spanish play.


D2 Drama Solos

Tonight from 5.30pm we will have our Drama solo performances in Jubilee Hall. Please RSVP to

Whole School Reminders

Bad Weather

If the weather is so bad that we cannot ensure a safe journey in and out of school, we would have to consider closing the school. Updates for parents about these decisions will be shared via Clarion call system and via our website at


Whole School Upcoming Events

Monday - 4 February 2019
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Lower School

Upcoming Events

Tuesday - 5 February 2019
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Wednesday - 6 February 2019
All day

Upper School

Upcoming Events

Saturday - February 2, 2019
All day
Sunday - February 3, 2019
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Monday - February 4, 2019
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