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Friday, 8th March, 2019       




Foraging in the Forest

Our Thursday morning Forest School session was a bit rainy so the Reception children built a shelter and played some games under it. They had a go at using the loppers to cut sticks. Year 3 enjoyed playing worms and birds where they had to find the worms... Read more...


Inclusion Parent Partnership Workshop

On Tuesday, 5th March, parents from across the Lower and Upper School attended a Speech and Language workshop presentation delivered by Rachel Diment, who is our specialist speech and language therapist. Rachel introduced the parents to speech and language... Read more...

Language and Literature in The Lodge

What a busy week we have had to celebrate Language and Literature week! With visits from authors, dressing up for World Book day and having workshops we still had time to carry on with our learning! Here is what we did this week... Read more...


Dwight delves into Drama

It was a pleasure to take a group of students to see a performance of The Importance of Being Earnest, directed by alumnus, Toby Hampton, now a shining light and emerging talent in London drama circles! Toby as a director was excellent, transforming... Read more...

PYP Exhibition Update

Year 6 students are continuing to work together to achieve their goal of being ready for their Primary Years Programme Exhibition on Thursday, 28th March. There were mini trips this week to support their learning. One student went to visit a music therapist to learn more... Read more...


Mathematic Madness

The UKMT Mathematics Challenge results are in and out of 20 students, 8 received either a Gold, Silver or Bronze certificate based on their performance on the assessment. Andrei and Scott in M5 received a gold certificate. Hina and Svetlana in M4 were awarded... Read more...


Events/ Health Updates in the Lower School

In the Lower School, we have a number of events coming up and these include the residential trips that our children will be partaking in between Wednesday, 20th March to Friday, 22nd March. Therefore, over the next few days, we will be sending out letters for... Read more...


Discussing Healthy Eating

This week across our Upper School, we had workshops about Healthy Eating across tutor time for all House groups. Katie Shmuel, a Lower School Parent committee member ran the workshops and spoke about the importance of fruit, smoothies and different breads that are more nutritious. Thank you to Katie for all her help.

Lower School Music Recitals

On Tuesday, 12th March and Tuesday, 19th March we will be hosting a Lower School Music Recital. We have invited in the parents whose children are taking part. There will be 12 students performing on Tuesday, 12th March with drums, microphones, keyboards and guitars. On Tuesday, 19th March we will have 7 more pianists performing various songs. Learning and performing with an instrument or in a play takes a lot of commitment enthusiasm and confidence. We wish all of the Lower School students the best of luck with their performances.


S'amuse et on joue en Français

M1 went on a French trip to the French Institute where they had a lesson with another school and teacher. After that, they watched a movie connected to animals and their habitats which they were learning earlier this term. This is what some of the students have said... Read more...


Brook Session for Upper School

Brook is an organisation that educate young students about sex and relationships. This week our M1 students had a session where they learned about healthy relationships and our M2 students were taught about health and hygiene. Iria, M2 said... Read more...

Quick Links

Lower School Reminders

Residential Trip Reminders

  • Year 3 have their overnight stay on Thursday, 21st March.
  • Year 5 have their residential trip to Flatford Mill from Wednesday, 20th March to Friday, 22nd March. 

  • Year 4 have their residential trip to Moat Mount from Thursday, 21st March to Friday, 22nd March.

Save the Date

Our Primary Years Programme Exhibition for our Year 6 students will be held on Thursday, 28th March from 6.00pm in the Lower School hall. We cannot wait for you to see the work!


On Friday, 5th April we will be holding our International Breakfast and Fun Run. We will have more information for you in next weeks newsletter.


Date Reminders

  • On Monday, 11th March our Early Years students will be going on a trip to the Postal Museum.
  • On Wednesday, 13th March Year 1 will have a visit from a Wild Science Group where they will get to see the animals they have.
  • On Thursday, 14th March our Cross Country team have a race.


Student Teachers

In the Lower School we have been supporting two international student teachers in Year 4 and Year 2. They are here for 9 weeks and as part of their development they have been given permission to take photos of the school and their practise for their coursework and reflection. In line with safeguarding procedures and GDPR all photos will be taken using school cameras and all photos that involve our students will be blurred out .


We wish Miss Szibbit and Miss Hartmann very best wishes with their reflections and with their university studies. They have chosen to pursue a career that will impact on the lives of children throughout the world.


Upper School Reminders

Survey to be sent

All of our current M3 students are undertaking a preliminary survey for their M4 and M5 options.  In M4, students must continue with one of their Language Acquisitions in Chinese, French or Spanish (unless they are studying Japanese or Turkish Language and Literature).  They are then able to make two other selections from:

  • Their other language acquisition.
  • Design
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Visual Arts


The three options that students select for M4 will also be studied in M5. The purpose of the preliminary survey is for us to get a sense of how we will run the option blocks in next year's timetable.  Students are not bound by their choices in this survey.


On Monday, 18th March, we will be sending out an options forms to parents to finalise the choices for next year. These forms will be due on or by Monday, 25th March.

Flora Mather (MYP Coordinator) will be speaking to the M4 students about their options.  If parents have any questions, they are encouraged to email and/or make an appointment to meet and discuss.

Uniform Reminder 

We would like to remind you about the uniform policy at Dwight London for your son/daughter. Jeans and leggings are not part of the uniform, and the only hoodies allowed are the Dwight London hoodie or the House hoodie. Please ensure your son/daughter is wearing the correct uniform as seen in the picture below. 



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Lower School

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Thursday - 14 March 2019
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Upper School

Upcoming Events

Monday - March 11, 2019
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