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Friday, 22nd March, 2019       


Message from the Head of School

The highlight of my week was joining the Reception Class for forest school. It was an absolute delight to join them in their woodland setting and to observe them learning about numbers, communication, risk taking and working together. My favourite activity was finding the letters and matching envelopes that the woodland postal service mixed up. This engaging and gentle activity encouraged the children to explore the woodland, develop their observation skills and to practice counting and reading numbers. It was a very effective demonstration of why the children in the Lower School are regularly telling me that learning is fun. Thank you Ms. Tomlin!




Lower School Residential Trips

This week in the Lower School has been exciting and adventurous as we have hosted three residential trips! Year 3 slept in the school on Thursday night and had so much fun. Year 4 went to Moat Mount and enjoyed... Read more...


Being Doctors in The Lodge

This week in The Lodge, the children have continued their exploration of Doctors and Nurses and identifying how they could act out their roles as paramedics, ambulance drivers, nurses and patients in the hospital area! We have also developed the children's phonics and... Read more...


Linguistic Olympiad

According to Noam Chomsky, we all are born with an innate knowledge of grammar, a basic instinct, that helps us to learn and make connections between languages. The United Kingdom Linguistic Olympiad is based on this premise and at Dwight 4 of our M4 students.... Read more...

Keep Fit and Taste the World

We are running a large community event that we would like you to attend if possible. The event will take place between 8.40-10.20am on Friday, 5th April and it would be great to see you there! The event consists of a sponsored Fun Run followed by an International Breakfast... Read more... 

Lower School Music Recital

There was yet another great concert that took place at the Lower School on Tuesday. It involved over 30 children from the Lower School and featured, monologues, guitars, piano recitals, singing and even a ukulele! It was great to hear such a wide range of genres from poems... Read more...


Summer Fair Planning Meeting

Please come along to our preliminary planning for the Summer Fair which will take place on Tuesday, 26th March from 10am in Dwight Cafe, Spahn Building. This meeting will involve the Whole School to discuss how the DPA can make this years Summer Fair the best one yet! Email if you are able to attend.

Language Week Competition Winner

We celebrated the many aspects of Language last week. This process concluded with a special prizes for the Alien competition winners and also the Sign winners. Well done to everyone who took part and particularly to Lola in Year 5 who won the sign competition and her design which has been made into a sign for door to the Languages classroom.

Bye Jane!

Jane Kendall will be leaving us next week as she is about to embark on her trip to Kenya where she will be working with another school and supporting women's groups! She will be leaving us for a term and will return in September. Jane has been our EAL teacher and our Parent EAL teacher too. She returns in September and in the interim her role will be covered by the EAL team in the Lower School. On behalf of the Lower School, we would like to say... Read more...


Branded Merchandise on Sale

We have recently added some new branded merchandise to the school shop. If you would like to purchase some branded merchandise please click here.
  • Water bottles £10
  • Dwight Lions £5
  • Oyster Card Holders £1
  • Trolley Coins £1


You can also purchase House Hoodies and School Hoodies on the link above. 

Quick Links

Lower School Reminders

Events and Clubs

  • Our Primary Years Programme Exhibition for our Year 6 students will be held on Thursday, 28th March from 6.00pm in the Lower School hall. We cannot wait for you to see the work!
  • On Friday, 5th April we will be holding our International Breakfast and Fun Run.  
  • We will be sending out Clubs letters shortly so please make sure that you find clubs for your child to commit to. These clubs will be starting on Monday, 29th April and end on Friday, 28th June. Look out for more details in next week's newsletter.


Upper School Reminders

Date Reminders

  • From Wednesday, 27th March to Saturday, 30th March some of our Upper School students are attending the Global Issues Networking Conference.
  • On Monday, 1st April from 7.00pm the Alcohol Education Trust Parent Session takes place.
  • On Tuesday, 2nd April our D1 students will be performing their Experimental plays from 5.00pm.


Whole School Upcoming Events

Friday - 29 March 2019
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Tuesday - 2 April 2019
2:30 PM - 3:40 PM
Friday - 5 April 2019
3:30 PM

Lower School

Upcoming Events

Wednesday - 27 March 2019
All day
Thursday - 28 March 2019
1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Upper School

Upcoming Events

Tuesday - March 26, 2019
All day
Wednesday - March 27, 2019
All day
Thursday - March 28, 2019
All day