Friday, 26th February 2016
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Parent Association Quiz Night
Our annual Quiz Night is this Saturday, at 7.00pm in Jubilee Hall. Please do just come along to join a team if you are not already in one. Food and drink are provided and we promise that the questions are not going to be too tricky!

Board Games
Thank you to those of you who have already donated games for the cafe. We could do with a few more, so if you do have boards games which you no longer use, please have your children bring them to the school office.

Spirit Week
Spirit week has almost come to a close. We have the grand finale this afternoon, with many of us receiving a pie in the face, click here to view the photos. The M5 committee have done a great job in organising the week, and the momentum has built up as the days have gone by. I would like to thank them all, as well as Mr. Lowry, who has been supporting them.

Dr Phil Clarke
We were very fortunate to be able to hear a presentation on the disturbing topic of genocide on Monday this week. M4 and M5 students, as well as those in D1 studying psychology and history were able to hear this talk from Dr Clarke, who is a professor at the London School of African and Oriental Studies. He is a specialist on the topic of the Rwandan genocide of 1994 and he has spent much of the last nine years doing fieldwork in Rwanda to understand the complexities of the event in which 800,000 people lost their lives.

Personal Project Evening
Thank you again to Mr Lowry who set up our Personal Project evening on Wednesday. The M5 students did a great job explaining what they had done, and I know that the M4 students are very grateful for the tips that they have been given. To view photos from the evening, please click here. The M4 students are now underway, in the very early stages of deciding what it is that they would like to do. Soon they will be allocated a supervisor and a booklet and they will really be able to start.

Extended Essay
D2 students have now completed the Extended Essay process and the only part left is for them to sit through an interview, in which they discuss the contents of the essay. They have a few more internal assessment deadlines and then it is full-on preparation for the exams in May - just a few weeks away. From 25th April they will have study leave and will only need to come in to school for the exams. However they are welcome to come to speak with teachers at any time.

M5 e-Assessments
During the two weeks of the M5 e-assessments, similar arrangements will apply. M5 students will only be expected at school on the days of exams from 9th May through to 20th May.

IBDP Art Exhibition and Year 5 and 6 Parent Meeting
On 2nd March we host the IBDP Art Exhibition, and that same evening we are also hosting a meeting for Year 5 and 6 families to hear more about the Upper School and the IB Middle Years Programme. Please do try to attend either event, with the doors opening at 6.00pm at Jubilee.


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