Friday, 4th March 2016
Lower School Newsletter

Learning in the Lower School

This week has been Book Week in the Lower School. We have launched competitions that involve matching the teacher to a book. We have compiled a River of Reading in the hall that displays our favourite authors’ stories and characters. We dressed up on Thursday as a myriad of different characters including several Fantastic Mr Foxes, a couple of Twits and even a range of Willy Wonkas. On Friday we were lucky enough to have two authors visit us in the school. Chris Powling and Chris Wormwell spoke to the children about their roles as professional authors. They shared strategies and techniques about writing stories for a young audience. They may have inspired several of our children to become authors too. To view photos from our World Book Day assembly, please click here.

Year 4 students had a great time at Kidzania on Monday. Their visit linked in with their Unit of Inquiry  about Organisations and the key skills of speaking and listening, adapting and organising. At Kidzania the Year 4 students took on a variety of roles from working in supermarkets to presenting live TV!  Rayaan in 4V was particularly good in his role as parcel courier.

On Wednesday Year 6 were evacuated to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford Cambridgeshire as part of their unit on Conflict. They were transported back in time to March 1940 and attended a lesson that featured diction, handwriting and times tables. The students were also taught how to deal with incendiary devices, what to do when the sirens went off, how to behave with their new family and how to use their gas masks properly - all of these things were key skills for children raised in the UK in the 1940.

On Thursday the Upper School M4 students came to Lower School to share their refugee stories with Years 5 and 6. It was great to see the younger children learning from the older ones, sharing experiences and working collaboratively.

Our very youngest children visited Belmont Farm earlier this week as part of their Unit of Inquiry about the World Around Us. The children enjoyed feeding the animals, walking around the farm and sitting on the tractor.

It gives me great pleasure to share with you the news that our  Parent Association have agreed to help fund a new school radio for the Lower School. A radio will give all of our children opportunities to orally record their work and what they have learnt. They will then be able to share it with each other and our community. The radio will be based near the library and over the next few months we will be training our digital leaders to become radio technicians and DJs.

Congratulations to Klara, Henrique and Nikhil who are all in Year 6. They have become our newest Prefects. We feel that they represent the IB Learner Profile exceptionally well, they have excellent manners and they are good ambassadors for the school.

Congratulations also to Angad T and Clarence in Year 4 who solved a very complicated maths problem over the half term break. In essence they had to work out codes and formulae to see which of 1000 school lockers could be opened. They demonstrated excellent inquiry skills, mathematical knowledge and commitment.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Our Year 3 to Year 6 performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will take place on Wednesday, 23rd March.  The show is free to view; however, we will need to limit seats to two per family. The show will start at 6.30pm and should be completed by 8.00pm. The students are now starting to rehearse more together and they will be learning more new songs over the next two weeks.

Super Question and Language of the Week

Super Question
Our super question was Why do we have a Leap Year? Alexander in Year 5 courageously explained why we have an extra day. He correctly noted that it took the Earth 365 days and 6 hours to orbit the Sun and so after 4 years the 6 additional hours made up an extra day.

This week to tie in with book week we want to know:  What is the full name of the author of the Harry Potter series of books?

Language of the Week
Our language of the week was Japanese. Lisako in Year 3 helped identify the Japanese flag and reminded us how to say please, thank-you and hello in Japanese – Arigato!
Next week it is Korean!

Important Dates for this Term

  • Years 3-6 Performance - 6.30pm Wednesday, 23rd March
  • Last full day of this half-term is Thursday, 24th March
More details about these events will follow shortly.

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 8th March
Class and Group photos, football teams to bring their kit to school

Thursday, 10th March
Year 1  Trip to Museum of Childhood

Year 4 Depart for Mount Mount Residential



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