Friday, 11th March 2016
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This Week in Upper School

Dr Sigman Screentime Presentation
There are still places available for Dr Sigman's presentation next week. He will be speaking about screen time, and the types of strategies that be employed to limit any potential dangers of having our young people spending too long in front of screens of various types. 

The presentation is for parents and friends from Upper and Lower school. If you have not already reserved your place, please click here. The presentation will take place in the Jubilee Hall at 7.00pm on 16th March.

IB MYP Overviews
Our IB MYP curriculum overviews are on the school website here. They appear as a list, and give a simple snapshot of key elements within the unit. Further details on each unit can be obtained through consultation with the relevant teacher.

Netball and Basketball
Well done to the girls' netball teams who continue to have a very active and successful season. I know that Ms. Gertig has put a great deal of effort into coaching them, and this has been reciprocated by the girls through their enormous amount of enthusiasm and dedication. Thanks also to Ms. Gertig for the lunchtime basketball games that have been taking place this week.

Team Photographs
This week we had the photographers back into school. They were able to take pictures of each of the tutor groups as well as other group photos such as the choir, the netball teams and the football teams. As soon as we hear back from the photographers we shall let you have the information about placing orders.

Question Time
Many thanks to Ms. Lust who took our IB DP Economics students to a Question Time session at St Mary Magdalene Academy this week. This was a good opportunity for our students to engage in pertinent economic debates with students from other schools. Students also had the chance to question a great panel that included Ian Powell (Chairman of PwC UK), Maian Reece (journalist), Dame DeAnne Julius (chair at UCL but also founder member of Monetary Policy at the Bank of England) and Marian Bell (consultant economist and former member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee). It was a very interesting evening that gave the students an interesting insight into what is happening in the British and world economies, particularly in the light of the upcoming referendum on whether the UK is staying within or leaving the EU.

Telephone Numbers
Please be reminded to keep us up to date with your contact telephone numbers. We do find, from time to time, that we are unable to contact home through the phone system because we have out-of-date numbers. It is, of course, very important that our systems remain up to date.

M5 Twilight Zone
Many thanks to Ms. Watson who has supervised twilight revision sessions twice a week for several weeks. During the sessions the M5 students have had support for their preparations for the upcoming e-Assessments and have learned more about good study habits. Now that these sessions have come to an end we wish our M5 students the best of luck in taking their newly honed study skills into their personal revision.

M3 Options Evening
Next week we meet the M3 families when we shall be talking through the option selection process. All families will have received a form, which we shall be referring to on the evening. Please do note, however, that there are certain aspects of this selection form that we can modify, depending upon demand, and it may change.


Upcoming Events

Tuesday, 15th March
M3 Options Evening
6.00pm, Jubilee Hall

Thursday, 17th March
M2 Design Museum Trip



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