Friday, 18th March 2016
Upper School Newsletter

This Week in Upper School

PGL Trip
M4 are soon to depart on their mixed ability (outward bound) trip to Osmington Bay, Dorset, which lasts until the the end of the school term. The PHE staff describe it as a physically and psychologically challenging trip that will benefit the students’ personal development, confidence and teamwork. This trip will be counted as a PHE unit as there are a large number of contact hours of activity. Reflections and assessment criteria will be included in some activities.

Next year we plan to schedule this trip in late September to coincide with the M1 to M3 Bushcraft trip and the IB DP retreat. This will just leave M5 at school, who will use that time to work on their Personal Projects.

M3-M4 Options Evening
Thank you to those families who came to the evening. We were able to explain how students need to select their IBMYP course options, and how, try as we might, it is not always possible to align these options to meet everyone’s first choice. We shall soon be sending out another letter, asking parents to give more information about their course preferences.

Dr Sigman
Thank you to those families who came to Dr Sigman's presentation on screen time. He spoke with the students during the day, and addressed many of the same issues for parents in the evening. We are all now much clearer about the dangers of excessive screen time, and we were given strategies to use to counter these effects.

M3 Assembly
I would like to thank and congratulate the M3 class for running a very successful school assembly on Monday. They addressed the issue of international trade and development through a role-playing activity and I believe that a great deal of learning was gained from the experience.

Interim Reports
You are soon to receive interim reports, giving academic and an effort grades. On 26th April we are having a short consultation session and teachers will be inviting some parents to attend to discuss particular concerns.  Parents who wish to discuss their children's progress are invited to contact teachers about meeting.

Breaktime Bake Sale
On Thursday, 24th March the Parent Association is holding a bake sale during morning break to raise funds.  Thanks in advance to the volunteers who are running the stand.

Upcoming Events

Thursday, 24th March
Bake Sale at break

Monday, 18th April
Term 3 begins



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