Dear Parents,

Here are some updates about our Science week (including Earth Day) that takes place from 18th - 22nd April. Please share these activities  with your child. They have been devised by our Lower School Dwight Scientists team and by our Eco Rangers.

Kind regards

Matt Parkin
Lower School Principal

Science Week Competition “PAPER WINGS”
The Dwight Scientists are organising a Science competition for Friday, 22nd April. During the assembly we will be having three competitions. You are invited to design a paper aeroplane to:

  1. Longest airtime; throw your paper aeroplane into the air and see how many seconds it can fly in the air.
  2. Longest distance; throw your paper aeroplane as far as possible.
  3. Best decorated aeroplane per year group.

You have to think carefully of the design of your paper aeroplane. Here are two pictures to give you some inspiration.

Learning objectives
Design a paper aeroplane. Students will investigate what design is most aerodynamic and can explain why.

You can enter both competitions. Every entry will be rewarded with a house token.

You can use paper or cardboard for your aeroplane and glue or sticky tape to put it all together.

Age range
Kindergarten to Year 6.

Good luck!

Dwight Scientists.  

Earth Day Competition “SUSTAINABILITY”.

There is a second competition during Science Week for you to enter and it is linked to Earth day. Earth day takes place during Science Week.

Earth day is also an opportunity to work together with other Dwight Schools around the world. The Lower School is collaborating with the Lower Schools in New York and Seoul, all three schools have agreed to a:

  • Paperless day - all printers and photocopiers will be centrally shut down.
  • Switch off lights across the school.  
  • The Lower School has an energy curtailment period 4 and 5.

There also will be a competition run by the ECO Rangers. To become more aware of sustainability we invite all children to think of ways to make Dwight School London more sustainable. Examples include: Placing solar panels on our roof , Reducing our food waste, Inventing a product that could be built in the future.

You can draw your design on paper and hand it in to the ECO rangers in your class on Friday, 22nd April.

Good luck,

ECO rangers

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