Friday, 22nd April 2016
Early Years Newsletter

This Week's News from Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

Welcome back, we hope that you had an enjoyable Easter Break.

This week we:

  • Settled the children back into their routines after the long break.
  • Attended the Science Day assembly on Monday and found out some information about Charles Darwin.
  • Explored materials using magnets and sorted them according to whether they were magnetic or non-magnetic.
  • Explored capacity and made interesting mixtures in our outdoor potion-making station.
  • Listened to rhymes/poems and tried to match rhyming words.
  • Made Earth Day cupcakes and painted stones on Earth Day.
  • Visited Mrs Cook’s allotment to go pond dipping. We are now the proud carers of tadpoles and newts.
  • Started our new Unit of Inquiry about Lifecycles by finding out what the children know about how animals and plants change over time.
  • Counted forwards and backwards and started counting from different numbers.
  • Began working on our Fairy Garden. We are trying to make it beautiful so that the fairies might want to live there. We will be ‘writing’ letters to invite them.
  • Read the next book in the ‘Golden Rules’ series and learnt about the rule ‘We listen, we don’t interrupt.’ We are reinforcing this during circle time, reminding the children to take turns when they talk.

Next week we will:

  • Read stories about animals and life cycles. For example, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Tadpoles Tale and Jack and the Beanstalk.
  • Observe our tadpoles and see if we can notice any changes.
  • Continue learning about rhyming words and learn some new sounds (using Phase 2 letters and sounds).


  • Although it has been very changeable, we were very lucky to have some lovely sunny weather this week and we spent a lot of time outside. On sunny days, please can you send a hat or consider putting sunscreen on your child before they come to school?
  • As it has been warmer, the children have loved playing with water so please ensure they have spare clothes (including underwear) at school
  • We want to make a display about numbers that are significant to our class. Can we ask you to take a photograph of your front door number and if you have a car, of your number plate please? You can either bring the photos to school or e-mail them to me directly at
  • We are finding that the children are enjoying an additional afternoon snack. You may wish to consider adding an extra snack to their lunch box for them to eat in the afternoon

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms. Tomlin, Mrs. Voica, Miss. Olver, Mrs. Psaras


This Week's News from Reception


Hope you all had a super Easter!  

This week is Science Week and the focus for Reception is on ‘materials.’

Dear Parents,

This week we have:

  • Revised the letter sounds j, v, w, x with a greater focus on writing words with these letters and forming short sentences.
  • Learnt about natural and man made materials looking at how natural materials are changed to make items we use.
  • Explored properties of clay and learnt where it comes from.
  • Explored using wool to sew with and watched a video clip showing where it comes from
  • Learnt to subtract a smaller amount from a larger amount to find the total.
  • Counted backwards from differing numbers to improve subtraction skills.
  • Learnt about where glass comes from.
  • Used sand to make art!
  • Painted clay stones to look like creatures.
  • Made paper planes for the Friday science day competition.
  • Learnt about metal and made foil boats to see if they would float!
  • Learnt about where wood comes from and hammered nails into a piece of wood (with safety goggles).
  • Watched a video clip about glass blowing and found out how glass is made.
  • Made a sand pictures using glue and coloured sand.
  • Caught ants in the garden and put them in an ant home!
  • Observed tadpoles in the classroom that have come from Mrs Cook’s friend’s garden!


Extended Curriculum

  • Develop subtraction skills using real objects - i.e. 5 toy cars, 3 drive away and how many are left?


  • Please ensure reading books and keyrings are returned on Mondays and Wednesdays as we will hear child read on those days unless on a trip) and change their books.
  • Please go through Gruffalo keyrings as often as possible - new words to be added next week.
  • Each child will need a photo of themselves when they were a baby to discuss how they have changed on the 25th April.
Coming Up
  • Afternoon bus trip next Monday to local garden centre to buy plants for the garden.
  • 3rd May - Science Museum Trip.

Have a good weekend


Mrs G Weber    Miss C Pitts    Mrs D Fawbert


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