Friday, 29th April 2016
Early Years Newsletter

This Week's News from Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

This week we:

  • Our Fairy Gardenbegan planting seeds and plants as part of our Unit of Inquiry about life cycles.
  • read ‘The Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle to learn more about the life cycle of a plant.
  • read Ten Tiny Tadpoles and continued to observe our own tadpoles and newts.
  • looked at the photographs of our front door numbers and car registration plates and played a game, trying to read the numbers and match them.
  • continued to play rhyming games, drawing attention to the end of the words. We tried to hear which word was ‘the odd one out’.
  • continued to decorate the fairy garden and drew more pictures for them.
  • made hand print flowers and did observational paintings of daffodils.
  • began making an ice cream shop in our role play area. It has been very popular so far! We will encourage use of numbers, counting and mark making as the children play.
  • used wheelbarrows, spades, trowels, rakes and watering cans to prepare our vegetable patch.

Next week we will:

  • continue to look at our seeds and plants to see if we can notice any differences.
  • return some of our tadpoles to the pond and observe the ones we keep to look for any sign of changes.
  • read stories and sign songs related to growing plants.
  • begin working on our assembly that is coming up soon.
  • play more number games with a focus on counting backwards and recognising numbers that are missing on a number line.


  • Please can you save plastic ice cream tubs for our role play area?
  • If you haven’t already, please email us photographs of your front door number and car registration.
  • Just a reminder about extra snack for the afternoon session
  • We would like to make a seed/pip collection for our investigation station. Can you save washed seeds for us please? (avocado, apple, mango etc).

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms. Tomlin, Mrs. Voica, Miss. Olver, Mrs. Psaras


This Week's News from Reception

Dear Parents,
This week we have:

  • revised our letter sound knowledge from the beginning of Phase 3 including j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu.
  • been to the garden centre and purchased plants, flowers, vegetables and herbs.
  • used addition cards and dice to answer different problems.
  • begun planting our plants and flowers in the garden, pots and in planters.
  • learnt to read and make sentences with the tricky words ‘look’ and ‘will’. These are now on the keyrings!
  • discussed what we know about life cycles to start our new Unit of Inquiry.
  • listened to the story of Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.
  • practised a song ‘Shake Up’ for our assembly.
  • planted beans in plastic cups ready to see the roots and shoot grow!
  • begun writing a bean diary to document its growth.
  • counted on from a given number to add two quantities.
  • made our own number lines writing numbers from 1-30.
  • planted sunflower seeds in pots.
  • made props for our upcoming class assembly on 19th May.

Extended Curriculum

  • Practise counting on from a given number when adding 2 quantities, put one number in your ‘head’ and count on the second using fingers e.g 5+4….’5’   6, 7, 8, 9 (fingers). 


  • Please ensure reading books and keyrings are returned on Mondays and Wednesdays as we will hear child read on those days unless on a trip) and change their books.
Coming Up
  • 3rd May - Science Museum Trip 

  • 19th May - KG/Reception assembly

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend


Mrs. G Weber    Miss C Pitts    Mrs. D Fawbert


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