Friday, 29th April 2016
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Learning in the Lower School

This week I was proud to see 20 of our students from Year 4 to Year 6 enter The Maths Challenge 2016. The Maths Challenge is a very challenging nationwide test that confident mathematicians. The questions are set at Year 7 and Year 8 levels. Mrs Brooks who helped run the event was very pleased to see that the children who took part all tried hard and dealt with the challenge in a positive manner. The tests have to be sent off and we will find out their scores before the end of the academic year.

Year 3 have been working hard looking at their language skills this week.  They have been looking at the features of mystery and adventure stories. They are getting ready to write their own versions next week and they are learning how to improve their stories by building up on mystery and ………..suspense.


The Year 6 students are getting super excited! They will be meeting with their peers from Dwight New York on Sunday. They have been in contact with them over the last few weeks. It is also a very exciting time for the 30 students who will be joining us from New York. For many it will be their first time in the UK and we hope that they have a memorable time.

Year 2 students have recently been learning about capacity in their maths lessons. They have enjoyed the hands-on opportunities to use water and lots of different sizes of containers. This gave them the chance to explore what capacity means, to share their questions about capacity and to learn through experimentation and inquiry.

Super Question and Language of the Week

Super Question
This week so our super question was 'Who is 452 years old and died 400 years ago this week?' Well done to Joshua in Year 5 who correctly answered that is was the world renowned writer William Shakespeare.

Next week our super question is to find out – 'Which artist will be featured on the new £20 note?'

Language of the Week
Our language of the week was Russian, Areg in Y6 and Igor in Y5 helped with the Russian pronunciation. Next week we will be learning a little Indonesian.

More News

Indulgence Evening
The Upper School Parent Association is hosting an Indulgence Evening for Parents this evening at our Upper School Dwight Campus on Friern Barnet Road. It costs £5 to enter and £10 per treatment and includes such indulgences as massage, pedicure manicures threading and some reflexology.

Lower School in the Community
In the Lower School we occasionally rent out our facilities to the local community in the evenings. Some of you may be aware that we have been running several fitness sessions for adults over the last few years.

More recently we have started a Taekwondo class that is specifically for children aged 7 to 11. It takes place on a Tuesday evenings from 5-6pm. If you are interested please contact Keiron Henderson as there are still a few places available.

Parent Association
Our Parent Association meets every half term to discuss ways that the parent community can support the School for the benefit of the children. We would like to invite any interested parents to come to our next meeting on Thursday, 16th June at 9am with a view to volunteering for specific roles for the next academic year. If this sounds like something you might be interested in doing, please email either Ally Nally (Parent Association Chair) or myself

Major Diary dates for this term (more details to follow)




Year 1 to Year 6

Prize Giving and Talent Show

Thursday 26th May

All of Lower School

Sports Day

Thursday 9th June

Whole School

Summer Fair

Saturday 18th June

Upcoming Events

Friday, 29th April
   Year 2 Bake Sale on the playground after school

Sunday, 1st May
Grade 5 students arrive from New York

Monday, 2nd May
Bank Holiday Monday, school is closed

Tuesday, 3rd May
Reception Day Trip to the Science Museum 

Thursday, 5th May
Year 5 Day Trip to Wallace Collection 



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