Friday, 6th May 2016
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Ms. Watson
As many of you  have already heard, Ms. Watson has been on medical leave since the Easter break. During this time, we have organised cover for her classes and her responsibilities as IBMYP Coordinator have been carried out by me. This arrangement is going to continue for the near future as Ms. Watson remains unable to return to work. A number of parents have already sent in messages of support which have been passed on to her.

This is a very important time for M5, and we would dearly have liked to have had Ms. Watson with us as we go into our e-assessments. She has been closely monitoring the M5 students throughout the year and she has also been a very important voice in the IB world, helping to ensure that this first sitting of the e-assessments is successful.

Thanks to all her hard work and preparation, we are confident that all is in place, and we are now set for the assessments to begin next week.

MYP e-assessment
Here is a reminder of the schedule for the e-assessments. Students have been sent the entire schedule, including the subjects that we do not do at Dwight, but it is those below that are the key dates.

Students are to be at school at 8.30am for the morning sessions and at 12.45pm for the afternoon sessions.

10th May - afternoon - Integrated Humanities
11th May - morning - French - one student only
12th May - afternoon - Maths
13th May - morning - English
19th May - morning - Science
20th May - afternoon - Interdisciplinary

Students are allowed to bring water with them into the assessments but no other food or drinks.

Internal assessments
During the first week after the half term break, all students will be completing internal assessment papers. As soon as a schedule is in place for M4, M5, and D1, this will be issued. Other than attending for assessments, students in these year groups will not be expected to attend school. M1 to M3 will be completing assessments within their regular schedule.

Work Experience
We hope that M5 students have been working on finding their placements already. If they have not done so, this needs to start soon. They are working on their CVs at school and they need to approach potential placements so as to find out if there are any possibilities. Ms. McCaffrey will be monitoring this process and has sent further details.

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